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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 44 - update and plans for Day 45

Our flu-stricken son won't be getting any medications. He was sent home with typical instructions of rest and fluids, despite the risk to our special needs child (not to mention the fact that our clinic sent us there specifically so he could get treated with Tamiflu). Well, we'll do the best we can with what we have.

I also need to be in to work early (i.e., before 7 AM) tomorrow, so we are postponing our Wednesday run until later in the day--likely sometime in the evening after our eldest son returns from cross country practice, since our eldest daughter is going on a trip with one of her friends.

There was good news on the cross country front: our eldest son qualified as an all-conference runner by placing in the top ten runners at tonight's conference meet. What was really exciting, however, was that two of his teammates (the same ones with which he had a near photo finish at an earlier meet) also placed in the top ten. The team did a fantastic job, and ranked as the second place team in the conference. Some of the boys were disappointed, however, because they missed taking the first place spot by two points! Had any two of their first five runners (the ones used for scoring) moved ahead just one position (or had one runner moved up two positions), they would have been the first place team. I'm pretty sure the guys who will be back next year will remember that lesson. Even so, they all ran a great race!


  1. THat is awesome about your son in Cross Country. Last year was our first year with Cross Country. My husband ran in high school. My daughter is in 8th grade and this is her second year. I am still trying to understand the point system.

    It is weird how they are doing the Tamiflu. When my daughter was diagnosed two weeks ago, they prescribed Tamiflu. No one was high risk and she is normally a healthy child. It concerned me that there are suicidal tendencies with Tamiflu. I didn't want to pick up the prescription but who wants to be the bad mom that did not get the meds. How will you guys run without the kids finding out?

  2. I know it was a bit frustrating to not get the tamiflu, didnt make sense to us either.

    As for CC and points, they count the first five runners on each team. And the goal is to have the least amount of points possible. So for example, our team last night scored, 6th, 8th, 10th,17th and 19th. So they earned a team score of 60. Your points are the same as the place you score. So if you score 1st, your team only takes 1 point.

  3. All the kids know is that we go out and exercise three times a week. That doesn't seem too odd for them. As best I can tell, they think we're walking and doing other exercises (like jumping jacks).

    The point system in CC is fairly straight-forward. Each team gets to field up to seven runners. As each comes in, he gets a ticket or notes his place--1st, 3rd, 16th, 35th, etc. Once all runners are in, the place rankings of the first five runners are added together, yielding a team score. In the event of a tie, the tie is broken using the place of the 6th runner. So, in some way, it would be like playing golf with a group of seven golfers, and then totalling up the number of strokes of the best five and using that to score for the team.

  4. lol--I see Mrs. F replied regarding the CC scoring system while I was still composing!


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