Here's the skinny: I've been near 300 lbs. for years and need to lose weight. I'm married to a wonderful lady, and we have a family. One of our boys often asks if I'll run with him. I've always had to tell him, "No." In August of '09, my wife learned about a couch-to-5k running program, and I agreed to try it with her. This blog chronicles our progress on that training program. I hope I'll soon be able to surprise my son by telling him, "Yes, I'll go running with you!"

Friday, October 29, 2010


The first lesson I learned yesterday was if you intend to work on speedwork, make sure your Garmin is charged. It lasted halfway thru my speedwork and then promptly shut off. I did not realize how much I relied upon it, until it was gone. So I thought since the garmin is much beloved, she deserved a name. Yes -- Im a bit silly that way! Anyway I named her Gabrielle, Gabby for short. You know cause she gives me much data!

The 2nd lesson of the day was if you intend to work on speedwork, do not run straight into a headwind. If you do, it makes your work much much harder. I was slated to do 4 800's with 400 recoveries, along with a warm up mile and cool down mile. That first 800, I did not make my goal at all, I was off by 15 seconds. So I adjusted my route to go a different way, so I didnt have to run into the wind directly. The 2nd 800 was only 5 seconds off, so better at least.

The 3rd lesson of the day was be prepared. The cold season is upon us and I frankly wasnt ready. The sun came out and it was 37 degrees but I mistakenly thought that by doing speedwork and the warmth of the sun, I didnt need as many layers. Hah! So before my run even started, I came back to the house three times, to get another shirt, hat and gloves. It really threw my focus off. I took the warm up mile too fast.

The 4th lesson is although your garmin dies -- redeem the run! It died at about 2.5 miles, so I just picked a fairly steady pace and ran. Even if I wasnt able to do speedwork,I was still able to get out and run! Its somewhat freeing to not have a clock or pace to watch. I really though was lost without my tools, I normally rely on my heartrate, pace, distance and time to guide me.

So I dont have a time for my run yesterday or a pace, I have a guess on distance. So ill add that to my running totals.

Keep on running folks
Mrs. F

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bullet list update

Its been a long time since Ive written a post. I often think of posts while Im out on a run but the actual sitting down, uninterupted, to write them hasnt been happening. So Im going to update via bullet list with short bits of whats been going on around here, in no particular order.

--On the weight loss front, Im not doing so well. I have been losing and regaining the same 2 lbs over and over. Part of it, is not having the same urgency as I did when I was heavier. Im okay with being at this weight, overall I like how I look. And the other part, is now that Im at a lower weight, I no longer have the leeway room I once did. I used to be able to overeat on the weekends and pull it together during the week. It doesnt work so neatly now.On a positive note -- Im not gaining more than flucuation weight.

-- My son's cross country team won all conference in their division!!!! I was so proud of the whole team. I had the honor of witnessing that race and it was a really proud moment. I enjoyed watching the boys trying to calculate scores and figure out if they pulled it off this year. Last year they missed 1st place by 2 points. I also enjoyed watching the coach remind his players to be humble -- do you know how hard it is to keep teenage boy enthusiam down? Almost the entire varsity team scored personal bests in that race.

-- 3 of my sons ran cross country this year. My eldest, J, loves to run and lives for cross country season. He scored his personal best at the all conference meet with a time of 18:38~! My 2nd son, N, does not enjoy running, although is is pretty decent at it. So he joined to earn the software, I bribed him with, to get him to try the season. He also had the poor luck of fracturing his foot, so he was out most of the season. Im pretty sure, N, does not intend to return next year. My 3rd son, Z, is somewhere in between. He did well this season and worked hard. He has a good friend on the team and is pondering coming back next year.

-- The varsity team has one more meet of the year. They have sections tommorrow and J is very excited!

--I have been running. After getting back on my feet after my surgery, I started training for my 5k race on Nov 14. I will be running the Chaska Turkey Trot again this year. Its sentimental to me, as this was the first race I did, after completing Couch to 5k. I am currently using the smart coach tool, from runners world, and doing training with that. It generally consists of an easy short run, speedwork and a long run. My goal for this race is 27:00 or less. I think this will be particularly challenging as my last race this summer was 28:15. This course is particulary hilly and it will be colder. Who knows-- all I can do is try!

-- I have been trying to do negative splits on some of my runs. I was very excited when I did it on a 6 mile run! Its challenging to run slow enough to keep up enough stamina to finish each mile faster.

--On one run, I started thinking about running a half marathon. I started thinking of the scenario of my eldest son(who would have finished way ahead of me) coming alongside me and encouraging me to finish at a 9 minute mile pace. All of a sudden, I look down at my Garmin to find I was running a 9 minute pace at that moment. It really showed me the power of the mental battle of running.

--Mr. F has not been running. I am hoping that if he does not chose to return to running, that he will find some other form of exercise to incorporate into his life such as biking or karate or something. He is moderatly trying to watch his food intake. I am still hoping he will find his way back to the journey of getting healthy

--While Im not always eating well lately, I have been keeping steady on my training. Im slated for 58 miles this month. I had an original goal of running 500 miles this year -- it doesnt look like I will reach that. Right now, I have run 339.1 miles this year. I am extremely proud of that! My longest distance of running at one time has been 8 miles!

--After I complete my 5k race in November, I hope to start working on increasing my mileage base. Right now Im running about 14-15 miles a week. Then in January, start training for a half marathon in april or may. Ive had people say, well you have run 8, you can run 13.1. Im not sure I feel that confident yet. If I can run 10, then I think I can do a half. I am excited though to start training for it. I like running distance moreso than shorter runs.

-- I now have run in all 4 season and by far, I love running in the fall the best. The crunch of the leaves, the crisp weather all combines to an excellent running experience. Perhaps, too, its because I started running the fall in the beginning.

-- Last year, in the town over, they had a thanksgiving day race. Im really hoping they do that again this year. I really would love for my whole family to either walk it or run it.

-- Scale is looking kinder this week. Im hoping, I can keep my eating under control and finally get past this hump.

-- This post is dedicated to my friend, Nikki, who lovingly asks every week, when are you going to blog again. After all, she needs something to read at work!

Thats all for now folks
Keep on running,
Mrs. F

Friday, September 24, 2010

Weight Check 9/24/10


Last Friday: 278.8
Today: 277.1
Gain/Loss: -1.7
Cumulative: 24.9
Pounds to lose: 67.1
Comment: The loss was a pleasant surprise. With as stressful this week was at work, I ate more, and thought I'd be up. I managed to the afternoon off today because I have to work on Sunday, so I plan to enjoy the rest of the day.

Mrs. F

Last Friday: 147.9 lbs.
Today: 149.2 lbs.
Gain/Loss: +1.3 lbs.
Goal: 140.0 lbs.
Cumulative: 33.6 lbs.
Pounds to lose: 9.2
Comment: I overate on the weekend. Now that Im lower in my weight, it takes longer to work off the overeating. I did get two good runs in this week and was able to maintain my calories for the week. I guess a lb up isnt bad!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Weight Check 9/17/10


Three weeks ago Friday: 275.6
Today: 278.8
Gain/Loss: +3.2
Cumulative: 22.2
Pounds to lose: 68.8
Comment: Do I get blame my wife's cookies? I didnt think so but they were really good.

Mrs. F

Last Friday: 149.0 lbs.
Today: 147.9 lbs.
Gain/Loss: -1.1 lbs.
Goal: 140.0 lbs.
Cumulative: 34.9 lbs.
Pounds to lose: 7.9
Comment: I worked a little harder at tracking food and calories this week. I was able to not eat into the late evening hours on a couple of nights. That definitely helps. I really didnt run this week. I managed to sneak in a run this afternoon though. Its really exciting to see the number going down, albeit slowly! Inching closer and closer to that maintaining point.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Im back

Its been a long month! Technically I was cleared for running as of last Wednesday, but I wasnt able to get out to run. Some of it was timing, first week of school and all but most of it was fear.

Strange, I know, but I just had this mental block. It wasnt that I was afraid of hurting myself, my body felt fine, but moreso afraid I couldnt run anymore. It all seems a tad silly now. So after battling the inner demons, I conquered my first run today.

I only went 2.3 miles at 11:15 pace, which is right in the ballpark for me timewise. You wouldnt realize I hadnt run for a month until you looked at my heartrate. Thats where it really showed! It averaged 200!!!!! I typically have a lower heartbeat, so this was a bit surprising. I am fighting off a cold still, so breathing was tougher. I didnt feel like I was going to die and my chest didnt hurt so I kept on running. By the end of the 2 miles, it was down in the 170s. I wonder though, if the strap just wasnt reading right. Even for not running for a month, it seemed really really high. My max was 239!

In addition to running this morning, I got away for a bike ride this afternoon.
I had taken a short nap and was feeling like a ride, so I did. I went 8.15 miles. At points the wind made it a much harder right, so I adjusted my route, so I had the wind at my back. Nothing like going all out for exercise!

We have 3 boys in cross country this year. Although N, my 2nd son, fractured his foot at the beginning of the season and is still out til at least next week. Z is in his first year and is running junior high. J has been running for several seasons and is running varsity. J pulled a 19:15 at his last meet for 3.125 miles and Z pulled a 14:30 for 1.8 miles. They both did really well. This was only the 2nd meet of the season, Im looking forward to seeing their improvements as the season continues.

Keep on running folks
Mrs. F

Friday, September 10, 2010

weight Check 9/10/10


Three weeks ago Friday: 280.5
Today: 275.6
Gain/Loss: -4.9
Goal:Cumulative: 210.0
Pounds to lose: 65.6
Comment: Woohoo! Having that cold really helped.

Mrs. F

Last Friday: 149.2 lbs.
Today: 149.0 lbs.
Gain/Loss: -.2 lbs.
Goal: 140.0 lbs.
Cumulative: 33.8 lbs.
Pounds to lose: 9.0
Comment: I was disapointed in this weeks weigh in. Several factors including overeating on the weekend, not exercising and the lovely water weight likely contributed. Im cleared to run but have yet to get out there. Im hoping tommorrow is the day I conquer that obstacle. Its a little intimidating to contemplate running again after a full month off.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weight Check 9/3/10


Three weeks ago Friday: 278.5
Today: 280.5
Gain/Loss: +2.0
Goal:Cumulative: 210.0
Pounds to lose: 70.5
Comment: I invoke my 5th amendment right not to comment on grounds it might incriminate me. A new week begins tommorrow!

Mrs. F

Last Friday: 149.8 lbs.
Today: 149.2 lbs.
Gain/Loss: -.6 lbs.
Goal: 140.0 lbs.
Cumulative: 33.6 lbs.
Pounds to lose: 9.2
Comment: After such a large loss last week, I expected a lower drop this week. I didnt get out to exercise at all, so overall Im pleased with a half pound loss. I get to start running again next week -- woohoo!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Weight check 8/27/10


Three weeks ago Friday: 277.0
Today: 278.5
Gain/Loss: +1.5
Goal:Cumulative: 210.0
Pounds to lose: 67.0
Comment: Honestly, the way the past few weeks have been going, I was surprised I wasn't back over 300.

Mrs. F

Last Friday: 152.7 lbs.
Today: 149.8 lbs.
Gain/Loss: -2.9 lbs.
Goal: 150.0 lbs.
Cumulative: 33.0 lbs.
Pounds to lose: 0
Comment: I am beyond excited! It took me almost a year to the day to lose the weight and reach my first goal weight. I will be posting some before and after pictures later. I am planning on still losing another 9.8 to reach my 2nd goal, so I will change the stats to reflect that after this week.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday Madness

I got up really early around 515 am yesterday to get out to do some exercise. I was going to walk while Mr. F ran. Since he didnt make it out yesterday, I elected to try out my new bike helmet instead.

Ive had some occasional aching of my knees over the last two weeks, so I was unsure how this was all going to go. They started out a little sore but eased into riding just fine. I decided to not push for a long ride although I would have loved the calorie burn of one.

I ended up going 5.7 miles, not too shabby for the start of my retun to regular exercise.

It ended up being a far longer day than intended. The morning was filled with some doctors appts for the kids which involved a long drive to the cities. Then the afternoon was filled with drama of a broken arm. Our 3 yr old fell while climbing over a bench and landed on a skateboard. This was my first of the "I know its broken for sure" moments since it was so badly deformed. And the first time I saw Mr. F unnerved by an injury. Hes always been the rock in our emergency situations and he didnt fail here either. But I could tell that this one was tougher on him. It really was pretty hard to look at. Mr. F and our eldest son set about to splinting the arm and off the ER we went. We returned 5 hrs later -- after hours in the ER, consult with a surgeon, a closed reduction surgery and a casted arm.

Needless to say, I did not get up to exercise this morning. I havent felt this exhausted in a long time! My follow up appt for myself is this coming wednesay and Im hoping for an okay to return to running.

Keep on running folks
Mrs. F

Friday, August 20, 2010

Weight Check 8/20/10


Last Friday:
Gain/Loss: .
Pounds to lose:
Comment: Mr. F didnt make it into the clinic this week either.

Mrs. F

Last Friday: 152.7 lbs.
Today: 152.8 lbs.
Gain/Loss: +.1 lbs.
Goal: 150.0 lbs.
Cumulative: 30.0 lbs.
Pounds to lose: 2.8
Comment: I havent exercised in two weeks and had a bad eating week, so Im very pleased with only .1 gain. In reality, thats basically maintaining where I was! Recovery is on the upswing and I hope to be able to get back to running next week.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hanging in there

This surgery has thrown off my motivation a bit. The complications made well more complications to deal with . Im just not as motivated. I thought before the surgery, Id be all gung ho on getting out and at least walking. Its just not there.

Eating has been hit or miss as well. Meal times, Im doing okay, generally and still portioning. Its the other things, like snack size candy for family night or ice cream cookie sandwiches for snack. Its not that I cant have them, its the amount Im having. We all have bad days now and then, the mental battle though that Im dealing with isnt helping. Im finding myself just not really caring. Need to shake that for sure!

I havent been a complete slug, Im still doing laundry and cleaning and managing the army of children. Exercise though has taken a back seat.

Cross Country practice started this morning. My eldest, has been counting down the days and all excited. His two brothers, in comparison, not so excited! I resorted to a little deal making in order to convince them to try out CC this fall. They love computer and in particular a game called Guild wars. They love computer and one of my sons would live on it, if I allowed it. I told them Id get them a copy of trilogy, a game they want, if they complete the season by doing their best and having a good attitude. Ive reminded them several times this past week and again this morning, no one held a gun to their head to get them to sign. They made the decision. I made sure as I offered this deal, that I was clear that if they really did not want to run, they should not do so. Both of my middle boys elected to sign up.

Im pretty curious to how this morning's practice went. My eldest, loves running, and generally does what the coach asks. Im not so sure about the other two. I call them the bandit boys -- they are 15 months apart in age and fairly close. The problem comes when they are together, they become silly, hyper and well boys! I prewarned the coach that separating them might be helpful! They ran a mile this summer in 7:20 and did pretty well at the 5k race this month as well. So I know they can do it!

Keep on running folks,
Mrs. F

Friday, August 13, 2010

Weight check 8/13/10


Last Friday:
Gain/Loss: .
Pounds to lose:
Comment: Due to crazyness, Mr. F didnt make it to the clinic in time to weigh in. He may try on Monday, if he has time.

Mrs. F

Last Friday: 151.1 lbs.
Today: 152.7 lbs.
Gain/Loss: +1.6 lbs.
Goal: 150.0 lbs.
Cumulative: 30.1 lbs.
Pounds to lose: 2.7
Comment: Given the stressors of this week (surgery, period,overeating,no exercise and recovery time), Im surprised it isnt more. Im not that disapointed with 1.6 gain, considering, and it could have been far worse!

Its tough

I really want to run but I cant .... these two weeks are going to go by slow!. I can walk as I feel able to. I feel fine in that regard, its just a matter of getting up early enough to get out. The weather has been so hot and humid, that early morning really is the only chance to get out to exercise. And with having had surgery this week, well, Im just more tired.

So hopefully this next week, I can get some good walks in and keep my body moving and active. I expect my weight to be up this week. Many factors such as surgery, overeating, water weight and lack of exercise to name a few. Ill weigh in today anyway.

There are going to be weeks where Im sidelined for whatever reason, Im trying to look at this as training for those periods. I need to learn how to eat even if I cant get out and exercise!

Keep on running folks
Mrs. F

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mrs. F is down for a couple of weeks; challenge for next 5k

Mrs. F had a scheduled surgical procedure this morning.  While taking care of business, the doctor noticed something unusual, and ended up doing a little extra work.  It was nothing about which to be alarmed--just something odd enough to catch the doc's attention and have her conferring with her colleagues.  As such, Mrs. F will spend a night in the hospital for observation, and, based on the weather reports and the fact that we don't have air conditioning, I'm guessing she'll be much better off (and more comfortable) there. As such, though, she won't be running for at least a couple of weeks.

As for me, I'm oddly numb and stressed at the same time.  I did fine at breakfast, but because I was in to work an hour earlier than normal, I was really hungry and overate at lunch.    The kids are all at home (the eldest two are holding down the fort), and we're due for severe weather this afternoon.  I want to visit Mrs. F, but am also concerned about leaving the kids if bad weather does break out (I work only a half-mile from the house, so I'm close enough during the day for any issues that require immediate attention).

As some of you may know, I started a savings account this summer to start saving for a canoe.  One of our friends and neighbors, who also follows this blog, offered me a wager I can't refuse.  If I shave three additional minutes off my 5k run time at the Chaska Turkey Trot (coming up in November)--meaning a new personal best of 37:45 or better--she'll contribute $20 to the canoe fund.  I told her that she had best write the check and set aside the funds now. I always see bets like those as taunts that say "I don't think you can do this--enough that I'm willing to put money on it." That's probably not her motivation, but that's how I respond to such things, as if someone is telling me I can't do it.  Well, for me, that's a nearly certain way to guarantee I do something.  I love proving people wrong (yes, I'll admit it), and proving I can do what people think might not be possible.

Right motives or not, I need to work on my speed before November.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I knocked that record right out of the park!

My last 5k race time(last thanksgiving) was 34:48. I have been running thru the winter, thru the spring and training in the summer. I worked it. So I was anxious to see how my training paid off.

I ran todays 5k in 28:45 seconds~~~!!!!!! Thats a 9:12 pace and a full 6 minutes and 3 seconds off my previous race time. I am very proud of my whole family. My 10 yr old son ran his first 5k race today and ran the whole thing. He had never run a full 3 miles before. My 12 yr old son ran a 31:10 and my 13 yr old beat me with a 27:41!!! My cross country runner came in 3rd overall with a 19:01! And Mr. F beat his previous race time as well! Way to go Riemers!

Keep on running folks,

Mrs. F

Just a quick check-in after a 5k

My last run was on Monday, July 26, so I wasn't expecting much today.  It was cool and rainy, and I would have preferred being out fishing to racing today. Still, all said, I managed to finish with a 40:45, a 13:03mm pace.  That's my personal best in a 5k.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Weight Check 8/6/10


Last Friday: 277.0 lbs.(Mr F went back to weighing at the clinic)
Today: 279.2 lbs.
Gain/Loss: +2.2 lbs.
Goal: 210.0 lbs.
Cumulative: 20.8 lbs.
Pounds to lose: 69.2
Comment: "Blech!" That all I have to say. I havent run at all this week and I have a race tommorrow morning.

Mrs. F

Last Friday: 153.7 lbs.
Today: 151.1 lbs.
Gain/Loss: -2.6 lbs.
Goal: 150.0 lbs.
Cumulative: 31.7 lbs.
Pounds to lose: 1.1
Comment: I didnt get our weight check posted last week due to our out of town trip. I was down .6 and Mr. F was up 7 lbs. (Some of which we attribute to switching scales) I was really really happy to see the scale go down again! Woot -- I worked hard to stay within my eating range even though I snuck in a mini blizzard. I am very excited for my race tommorrow.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Speedwork Wednesday

I did not want to get up and run today, let alone work on speedwork. I was tired and seriously contemplated staying in bed. Our sons alarm was going off though and since he sleeps like the dead, I went in and woke him up. since I was up, I then started getting ready to go out.

I did my typical half mile warm up walk and then jumped into my run. This week called for 5 miles but less speedwork time, so more mileage on the front or back end. It consisted of 1 mile warm up jog, 1/2 mile at 4:52 pace, 1/4 mile recovery(repeat that 3 times) and then 1.75 mile to cool down. I was feeling sore after 4, so I elected to cut the run short to preserve my muscles and legs for the race on Saturday. Then I just walked the last 1.4 miles home.

I managed to nail all of my 1/2 mile speedwork. It helped that a tired brain miscalculated the mile pace I was aiming for. I thought that 50 plus 50 equaled a whole minute, not the actual 1 minute 40 it was. So while I was supposed to aim for a mile pace of 9:46, I thought I was aiming for a 9:04 pace. I was booking it and it was hard but I did it! I pulled off a 4:32,4:38 and 4:31 respectively for those half mile segments. This left me with an overall average of 11:02 for the whole 4 miles. Not too shabby!

At one point, my chest was hurting and I thought I might just have a heart attack right there on the trail. So i looked at my heartrate, say that it was in the 160s and told myself that it wasnt possible lol. It really is amazing what our bodies can do.
I cannot wait to see what I can do for time in the race on saturday. I am down a significant amount of weight since my last race(I think at least 20 lbs) so I should be able to fly! Things that IM still pondering are what pace to go, what should i eat if anything and will my occasional sideache flare up. I think I just need to run :)

Well keep on running folks,
Mrs. F

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekend recap

We left early early friday morning to visit family for the weekend. I knew from the beginning, trying to eat well would be challenging while on vacation so to speak. I didnt quite grasp how hard though.

I was away from the internet, so I didnt have access to my daily plate and my tracking plan. In the future, I think Im going to try and make a list of commmon foods I eat when away and take a checklist with me. I know enough portion control, that I could make some good choices but I felt lost without my calorie numbers. Friday was overall okay. Breakfast was big ... those breakfast sandwiches at fast food places are high in calories! But the rest of the day was pretty good, I ate one hot dog at lunch, and one italian beef sandwich. I did claim one victory that night, when everyone else warmed up leftovers at 9 pm and had more sandwiches ... I declined. Oh did I want that sandwich though!

It didnt help that my bil and sil kept saying eat more, you are on vacation. Or you worry too much bout calories or if you go away hungery its your fault. It wasnt a very helpful enviroment to watch my portion control in. Im still figuring out how to be away from home and my supports here and still eat well. Its also hard not to talk constantly in the framework of calorie counting and running and exercise. All of my good friends, it seems, including my husband are all trying to lose weight. Its a great support when IM home but when Im away from those people, not so helpful.

I got up at 6 am on Saturday to run. Mr. F was off to pick up our son at camp and I suited up and went for a run. I left my headphones in the cabin, we were sleeping in,so that distracted me enough, that I forgot bug spray. Oh did I regret that! It wasnt mosquitos, I only had one bite from that. It was the dreaded deer flies, there were so many -- I thought I might just get carried away. So the run wasnt enjoyable in that aspect, I was uncomforatable with all the deer flies. I was constantly picking flies out of my hair, brushing off my arms and legs cause they were biting me. At one point, one bit me on my behind and i went to brush it off, only to discover like 12 stuck to my shorts. EWWWW!

On a different note, since I was so distracted with the deer flies that I did not pay as much attention to my pace. I ran on a gravel road in the middle of the forest -- it was beautiful. One deer ran across the path in front of me. I neglected to notice the downhill slope on the way out so I was very surprised at the 1.5 miles of uphill coming back. I did an out and back route -- run 4 miles out and then 4 miles back. It felt long. At about mile two or three, I found somewhat of a stride and just ran. It wasnt easy by any means though but I did it. I ran 8 miles in 1 hr and 32 minutes!!!!!! I did it with an 11:31 pace and 152 average heartrate. I was very pleased with that. The 992 calorie burn didnt hurt either! Thats my longest run distance to date.

Saturday was a little harder on the eating front. Meals were at odd hours and I knew i had a huge calorie burn but no real way to track exactly where I was. I ended up eating two suppers ... not particularly helpful. Im thankful to have had the run burn that day though.

I did okay on Sunday til the drive home and then it was snack city and pizza for supper. We came home sunday night but Mr. F had monday off as well, so we did some fishing at a local park. I didnt end up doing my normal monday run. I was sore still from saturday and more importantly, I was exhausted. So I decided Im going to stick with the original running schedule and run again wednesday. It was only slated to be 2 miles on monday, so I think I will be okay. Our race is this Saturday.

Oh well ... today is a new day :) So back on track, I have my supports back and while i may not lose this week, Im sure gonna try.

Keep on running folks,
Mrs. F

Back from a nice weekend away

Aside from a trip to visit family over Christmas a couple of years ago, we've not had a week-long away-from-home vacation in nearly 10 years.  Typically, it's due to financial constraints.  Since changing employers a couple of years ago, limited vacation time has also become an issue. Still, we try to make the best of what we already have, so I took off this past Friday and Monday to allow us a long weekend away.  One of my brothers has a house in northern Minnesota, so we stayed there, with most of our gang divided between a little cabin (imagine two connected storage sheds remodeled to serve as a simple shelter with a bedroom, pseudo kitchen {no water}, and electric power), and a large tent.  Our eldest daughter was treated to a spare bedroom in the house.  My father lives there, and another of my brothers (and his wife) came up for the weekend, too.

All in all, it was a wonderful and relaxing weekend, though I'm sure my caloric intake was off the scale.  We had many family favorites, including Italian beef sandwiches, and fried fresh fish.  As much as I knew I should have limited my intake, I indulged in these familial delicacies, though I avoided some of the extras (sides) that were served with them. In some ways, it really felt like being home again (though my family was not from Minnesota), but all the pleasures of the weekend came with their share of stress.  Foremost among those also tied to food.  Our hosts have a "we'll eat when we get home" mentality, and they also tend to have only one large meal a day (my brother skipping both breakfast and lunch and then eating a large supper).  They didn't seem to understand that our kids, and especially our youngest and our special needs son, were used to a predictable schedule: breakfast not long after rising, lunch between noon and 1 PM, and dinner sometime before 6 PM.

We tried to be flexible.  When they told us they wanted to have the big fish fry around 7 PM, we figured we could make it work.  We packed snacks and even let the kids get desert before dinner (a little restaurant nearby has huge "small" soft serve cones for one dollar each).   Even with that extra food, nerves were frayed by the time 7 PM arrived, since we all were accustomed to eating earlier.  When we got back to the house, my brothers and their wives were nowhere to be seen.  We waited a bit, but when faced with growing meltdowns from the youngest ones (whose bedtime would normally fall around 8 PM), we broke out the food we set aside for our return-trip lunch, and served up homemade bread, cheddar cheese, good summer sausage (from a small processor, not mass market Yard-O-Beef type stuff), and a stick of pepperoni.  Soon, the kids were fed and the little ones were bedded down.  Our hosts returned around 8:30 PM and commenced with the fish fry.  They seemed surprised that we fed the kids, and that some were already bedded down for the night.  There even was wondering aloud why I didn't start frying the fish when we got back.  Besides not knowing which pots they wanted used for the frying, we had no idea what they were serving with the fish or what time they were returning.  So, I think we'll arrange to prepare all of our own meals next time, or at least make them realize that we need to stick to regular meal times, or at least the times agreed upon.

Anyway, I don't mean to rant here.  It was a good weekend overall.  I got to go out fishing on Friday night with my brothers--something I never would have imagined years ago.  It was the first time I was out trolling on big water for walleye in almost a decade, and the only time I've fished apart from my immediate family in six (or more) years.  The kids got to swin in a lake with exceptionally clear water, and we made our return trip at a relaxed pace later in the day on Sunday.  That gave us one more vacation day in our home area, so we headed off to a park in a neighboring town where we spent most of the day with the kids fishing and playing.  It was, by far, the most enjoyable vacation time I've used in the past year, and the best long weekend we've had in a while.

It's just a shame my available vacation days are so few--two weeks of personal time (combined vacation and sick time) with my current employer, whereas I had four weeks plus dedicated sick time at my former employer.  Of course, the cost of that extra vacation time was a commute that averaged nearly three hours a day, and that ate up far more time each year than four weeks of vacation (it was an equivalent of over 15 work weeks of travel each year!).

Anyway, I feel the weight (figuratively and literally) of how I ate this weekend, so I know I'll need to run it off.  Now that we're home, my portions are back to their controlled normal, and I'm looking forward to my next run...when it cools down just a bit.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tempo run 7-28-10

Todays run comprised of a 1 mile warm up jog, 4 miles at tempo pace of 10:51 and a mile cool down jog. I can do a 10:51 fairly easily, the challenge comes in maintaining for that long of a span.

I got up around 6 am and discovered that I had forgotten to charge my mp3 player. I knew that long of a run without music would drag on and on, so I decided to charge it while I got ready to go, figuring some is better than none. It lasted til almost mile 5 -- so that was good!

Starting myself out, I kept having to slow myself down during the warm up. I ended up with 11:42 for the warm up. I knew i had many miles to go yet! Again, I had forgotten to set a pace alert for my garmin, so it was a bit more challenging to keep an even keel. The 2nd mile was in a 10:50 pace. It felt pretty good, not too hard, heart rate stayed fairly low. Although at this point, Im realizing in in for a long haul! My main focus was on staying below the 10:51 pace marker, if I was running 9:45, then so be it, but as long as i was under.

The 3rd mile felt the best. I really found my stride and was able to just run mostly without worrying so much about my pace. No real aches or pains at this point, just running. Dont get me wrong, this was definitely a "work" run but at times it felt good to just get out and run fast. I did that segment in 10:33.

The 4th mile wasnt without its challenges. My side started twinging -- with some concentrated deep breaths, I was able to keep the major sideache at bay. I was feeling a bit nauseous from the smells and running hard -- so I ended up stopping once cause I thought I was going to be sick. Another stop to tie the shoe. Just generally harder mile. I still managed to pull out a 10:59 pace for that segment though.

The fifth mile felt more challenging as well since I was starting to get tired. I didnt get to bed before 11 and 6 am rolled around far too quickly this morning. I knew though I wanted to finish strong, so I pushed myself a little harder. My side is still twinging a bit, so more deep breathing. Somewhere in this mile, the mp3 player dies. After that, the run seemed to go much slower. Probably due to the fact, I was concentrating on the distance! I decided i wanted to sprint the last tenth and pushed it into gear. I finished that mile in 10:28!!!

The last mile was hard. I was sore, tired and my mp3 player was dead. So the mile dragged on and on and on and on. At times I convinced myself to run faster -- not because I wanted the better time -- it was because I would be done sooner. I tried to speed up the last tenth but I had little energy for a full on sprint. I did get my time up to 10:40 but I couldnt push any harder than that. I finished that mile in 11:41.

Surpringly enough, I feel great now. My muscles arent sore at all. After some of my long runs, they have been really sore. So I expected that maybe this run would do it as well. The only thing bugging me is my sunburn from monday!

Im getting really excited for our race next weekend! Im still pondering how I should run it. It was far simpler when I didnt know as much and just ran. Now I wonder if I should do a negative split, or run the first mile slightly faster or run an even pace. Way too much info to wade thru on the topic.

Weight check will be early this week, due to leaving to visit family on Friday morning. The scale is being kinder to me today but time will tell on that front.

Keep on running,
Mrs. F

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend recap - Mrs. F

I ran 7 miles yesterday with my friend, Amy. She started couch to 5k at the same time we did, and has kept up running. She actually runs faster than me but runs close enough to my pace, that we can do our slower longer runs together.

We started off with the warm up walk before running. It was a nice change of pace to have someone to talk with along the way. Yes, we ran at a pace that we could talk. I will admit at times, it was more challenging than others though. The first 3.5 miles for me were harder, as is typical. Amy was a few steps ahead of me and it wasnt as hard for her, breathing wise as it was for me.

I found my stride around 3.5 miles and soon enough I was the one running a few steps ahead. I find that the further I go, the easier it seems to find that stride point. Perhaps I am meant to be a distance runner!

My strategy on these longer runs, is to go with the flow of my body, while keeping my heartrate in check. Basically, if I feel like running slower( as long as im not going over my prescribed training pace), then I do. If I feel like pushing it up a few notches, then I do that as well. My heart rate stayed pretty low, in the 150 range, so it works for me. My pace for this run was supposed to be 12:31, for my friend, 12:00. We ended up hitting an 11:44 pace, so below both of our targets!

Im really looking forward to next saturdays run when I get to try running 8 miles. Its exciting since it will be a new distance record for me. On top of that fun, I get to run in a new location, as we will be out of town visiting Mr. F's family.

Today, I took a 15.11 mile bike ride at 4:31 pace. Thats not only a new distance record for me but a pace record as well. It felt good to get out and fly on the bike. Ive now built up enough endurance on the bike, that Im starting to burn a good bit of calories. Last summer, I was much slower and didnt go nearly so far. I was shocked though when I took a look at my biking stats. I biked 41 miles this week alone and 75 miles for the month of july! Wow -- I had no idea that put on that many this week! The long bike rides add up quickly. Thanks go out to Mr. F though for sharing his bike with me! Im hoping to start saving up for a new bike for me soon.

Well thats all for now folks, Keep on running and biking!

Mrs. F

Saturday, July 24, 2010

And on and on and on and on...

A friend was joining Mrs. F for her run this morning, since they both run about the same pace and planned to do seven.  She tried to get me up, but I had a minor headache and really didn't want to move.  Last evening, I got home from work just after 4 PM and was baking bread until about 9 PM--eighteen loaves, with some additional dough in the fridge and freezer. Needless to say, I was beat.

So, Mrs. F and her friend got up and left without me, but I did drag myself out of bed a few minutes later. I couldn't find my ball cap or my bug spray, so that added a little aggravation, but I did manage to start running by 6:38.

I knew I didn't want to run out and back today.  Something about covering familiar ground makes that final mile seem really long.

Overall, it wasn't a bad run--few bugs, and early enough to beat the heat.  I ran out to where the trail crossed a major east-west street, and then turned back toward home along the road.

[Out-of-town company just arrived, so I need to cut this short.]

I ran 6.75 miles in 1:48--a flat 16mm pace.  I'm still slow, but I'm moving.  And, hey, that's a new distance record for me.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Weight Check 7/23/10


Last Friday:   272.0 lbs.
Today:         270.2 lbs.
Gain/Loss:      -1.8 lbs.
Goal:          210.0 lbs.
Cumulative:     30.2 lbs.
Pounds to lose: 60.2
Comment:  I'm surprised to have lost any weight because I had a horrible week, as far as eating goes. We had run out of the vegetables that I had been eating for most of my meals and Im just getting back to eating them today.

Mrs. F

Last Friday:    152.7 lbs.
Today:          154.1 lbs.
Gain/Loss:       +1.4 lbs.
Goal:           150.0 lbs.
Cumulative:      28.7 lbs.
Pounds to lose:   4.1
Comment:  I worked really hard this week and ate within my calorie bounds, so I was really disapointed with the gain. Out of the last 7 days, I either rode bike or ran for 5 of them. So im not really sure whats up, but Im just gonna claim that i gained 1.4 pounds of muscle :) I looked up my weight pattern and I havent gained for 6 weeks, so maybe I was just due for some water weight!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What was I thinking?

Well, I slept in again this morning and missed my morning run.  I figured that was okay considering my 20 mile bike ride the evening before.  I was in such a hurry to get to work that I forgot to eat breakfast.

It was that kind of day.

During the day, I convinced myself that I would run this evening after work, but soon I got a call from Mrs. F--she was delaying her shopping run to this evening and wanted to know if I wanted to go along.  I love stretching the family dollar (and finding good clearance deals), so I knew I wanted to go.  Thus ended the idea of the evening run.

I did remember to eat lunch (1.25 cups of homemade chili with a quarter cup of jalapeƱo slices and a few tablespoons of shredded cheddar), but we had to catch dinner while out an about.  I opted for two Whopper Junior sandwiches (sans mayo--about 290 calories each), and Mrs. F and I shared a mixed Coke-Cherry ICEE.  Not the lowest calorie dinner I've had lately, but one of the tastiest! Given my other caloric intake for the day, I thought a 700 calorie supper wasn't so bad.

So, we didn't end up home until about 9 PM.  By the time everything was in and put away, it was later.  Still, I had that nagging feeling of wanting to run, so I asked Mrs. F if she would mind riding along as I ran.  We started out with our dog, a large golden retriever, but he soon broke off his leash so Mrs. F had to take him home while I ran on.  She eventually caught up to me, and we enjoyed some time together.  The bugs weren't too bad, though I had to swat them away from my ears numerous times.  Occasional raindrops fell, but not enough to cool me down.

We made the route an out-and-back route, starting out uphill before turning and heading downhill a ways.  I turned around at a road where we'd turn to complete a 2.8 route, and headed back home.  I've really noticed my stride change lately.  There are times now when I'm really comfortable in calling it a run (compared to the labored slog that still comprises many runs)--my stride is longer, and I can feel the air beneath my feet.  It's a good feeling.

So, back up the hill I went, before heading down the other way.  Then, up another minor rise before descending toward the house where it began a gradual climb again.  With all done, I headed in and took a shower--hot at first, and then turned down very cool.  I'm not sure how quickly I'll get to sleep now, but I'm glad I got the run in.  In some ways, I wonder "What was I thinking?" It's like I've become one of those crazy runners!

Two-and-a-half miles done in just over 36 minutes--a 14:30mm pace! Definitely my best pace for a two miler since my first 5k races last fall.  Perhaps I might improve my time when I next race two weeks from Saturday, on August 7.

Speedwork Wednesday 7/21/10

Since todays training was a bit more complicated, I elected to set up a workout on my garmin watch. Note to self: Dont do it at 1030 pm when very tired. I got it set up okay but didnt discover til midworkout, I forgot to change some distance values and the last 4 steps were wrong.

My plan called for a total of 5 miles: 1 mile warm up run, 1/2 mile at 4:52 pace, 1/4 mile recovery jog (This set done 4 times totaling 3 miles) and then a cool down mile. I was tired and drug out by last nights drama. I did manage to get a 9.11 mile bike ride in despite it all, at a 4:39 pace. So that was a great way to burn off stress but not so great for getting to bed early.

So getting up wasnt on the early side, I think I got up around 630 and made it out the door by 7 am. It was nice and cool to start with, so that was nice. I was feeling a bit sore yet from the biking, so I made sure I did my half mile warm up walk. I did the first running mile in a little over 12 minute pace.

Then the fun began. I began running my pace halves. The first two tenths of mile sped on by and I thought (mistakenly of course) that this wasnt too bad. The other 3/10ths though drug on and on and on. I did the first speed half in 4:55! Then the recovery jog -- somehow that .25 of a mile goes by super fast when the speedy stuff goes super slow. Hmmmm! The next interval, I hit my target right on and did a 4:52. I was super pleased with that. I deliberately picked a route with hills, as I figured races generally have them.

Heres where my late night set up comes into play. The next interval had a distance of a mile instead of a half. So I thought maybe i could run the half and skip ahead to the next step. I couldnt figure out how to do that and I had a horrible sideache after the 3rd half mile interval, so I elected to walk the other half of that mile. It really didnt help my sideache at all though. I kept trying to deep breath and get it to go away, but it really plagued me for most of the rest of the run. Running in pain , really, isnt so much fun.

I was hoping that i just messed up on the one step and could go ahead to the next .25 interval, but nope that was set for a mile too. So i reversed some steps and did my cool down mile next. Not quite what was intended but hey it worked. I then did the last half mile interval and recovery jog with a little extra added in to make sure I made 5 miles of running. I kept going til my Garmin hit 5:52, that way the half mile of walking didnt reduce my running total. So I didnt end up with the 3rd interval time but I was aiming for the same pace. I did my cool down mile in the 12 minute range and then did the 4th interval in 4:56. Overall I was pleased that I hit the pace time within a few seconds!

It definitely was hard and I was feeling it -- when I finished I was sore! So two day break and then another 7 miler on Saturday. Our race is coming up about 2.5 weeks. I cant wait to see how this training effects my total race time!

Keep on running,
Mrs. F

I missed my run, but that's okay...

I must admit that I was feeling a bit lazy when I got up yesterday.  I should have gotten out for a short run, but didn't.  Last year, I woke up early in the morning as the sun came up, whether I wanted to or not.  It's been that way for me for much of my life.  This year, however, I just can't seem to get out of bed in the mornings.

Now that I think of it, we did get our first new mattress set in 10 years recently.  I wonder if having a nice, comfortable bed has something to do with it...

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I've typically been a morning person and an early riser.  Lately, though, I find myself wanting to be a night owl again.  I really think I messed up my internal clock during my last two terms of studying (being up until one or two o'clock in the morning while working on assignments).

Anyway, I decided I would run in the afternoon, which is what I've been doing lately.  When I got home from work, however, I learned that three of my boys, who biked to the next town to hunt for a hidden festival medallion, were not yet home.  I had biked that route before and knew it would take them some time, but it was not like them to miss dinner.  After grabbing a bite myself, I decided to bike out to where they should be--I hoped to find them on the trail, already on the way home.

I was about five miles out of town when the boys called me.  One of the bikes broke down and they were still in the next town.  Someone had let them use a cell phone, so they were hoping for a ride.  I told them I was on my bike, but that I would be there soon, and that I'd call home to have Mrs. F get the van ready.  Well, I did call home, but the call broke up.  When I tried to call again, I realized my phone was dead.

What an evening it was! Mrs. F, not able to reach me via phone, drove the van to the next town, parked near the trail, and waited.  The boys, meanwhile, got some help from a local man who patched up the bike and got them back on the trail.  I came across them ten miles from home.  We turned around and started back.  The youngest of the three was on a smaller bike with only three gears, so he could not keep up very well.  Since all the bikes were working and they were together, I opted to bike ahead, because I feared that my lack of contact might have put Mrs. F in a panic. 

When I got home, Mrs. F was not there.  I called her, and let her know that the boys were on the way home.  She had been sitting in the van, and driving around town, for over an hour.  Needless to say, she wasn't very pleased.

When she got home, she readied for her ride, but before she got out of the door, we were in for more family drama when a police car pulled up with another one of the boys inside.  I won't go into details here, but let's just say that being taken home in a police car is never viewed kindly by parents, and it hopefully scared some sense into one of our boys.

As we were wrapping up with our police drama, two of the boys, including the slowest one, pulled into the driveway.  The eldest? His bike broke down again.  Guess what I'm going to suggest he do with his recent birthday monies? How far back did he break down? More than five miles from town.

Well, being our runner, we knew he had two good, strong legs, and we also knew that we had no way of telling when he'd be near one of the cross-streets along the trail, so we let him walk.  He came in a little over an hour later, complaining of hunger, sore feet, and two-hundred mosquito bites.

Mrs. F came home feeling better after her ride.

So, I didn't get my run in for the day, but I did get in a 20 mile bike ride, half of it uphill, at just under an 11 mph pace (fat mountain bike tires on a trail are such a pain--I miss my old Trek 720 with its narrow hybrid tires!).  I'll just chalk up Tuesday as a cross-training day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I still can't believe this is possible

Well, it wasn't the best week as far as consistency goes--I missed one run and ate too much one day [Dang you office donuts! Dang you!]--but still got my long run in today.  That's what I can't believe--that I'm able to run these distances of five miles or more.

Today's run was pleasant overall, save for the final three-fourths of a mile, which was tough.  Mrs. F and I started with a half-mile warm-up walk, and then began our runs out toward the Luce Line Trail, headed west.  She pulled away from me early on, but that was fine.  She was working on seven miles, and I was just hoping to complete five.  The way I figured it, she'd catch up to me near the end of my run, since we both were doing an out-and-back route.

Mrs. F was carrying her Garmin, so I only had a watch with me.  From my earlier long run on this stretch, I knew approximately where the 2.5 mile point was (though it would only be 2.0 today, since we walked the first half-mile), and I hoped to go beyond that point through the next segment of the trail.  Also knowing that my last five mile time was 82 minutes, I planned to run just a little longer, shooting for a full 90 minutes.

At about the one mile mark, things started to feel pretty good.  Breathing was easy and my stride was slow but steady. Unfortunately, that's when the lens popped out of my prescription sunglasses.  I stopped and stepped back a few steps to pick up the lens, slipping it into my pocket before hanging the sunglasses from the sternum strap of my CamelBak. It took me a little time to find my stride again, but I settled in quite nicely.  It was early, just around 7 AM, but the air was already muggy and the sun demonstrated its power by baking against my back.  Along with my ball cap today, I wore a bandanna over my head and hanging over my neck and ears.  I wore it to help keep the bugs off me, but I was glad that it also was keeping the sun off the back of my neck.

The trail moved by quickly.  In the wooded areas, the angle of the sun left long shadows from the trees along the north side, providing some shade.  Of course, the shade was not without cost--clouds of gnats and mosquitoes waited in ambush.  As I passed through the clouds of bugs, I breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth, to keep myself from getting an unwanted snack.  Mrs. F reports no problems with bugs on the trail, but I must be slow enough for them to lock on.  Still, my bandanna did its job, and kept me from swatting at bugs on my neck and in my ears.  There was one persistent deer fly, however, that kept buzzing my head--more of a nuisance than anything.

Timing was right.  I crossed the first crossroad and still had time before my arbitrary turnaround at the 45 minute mark.  I moved onward at a higher pace, wanting to reach some notable feature to aid my mapping when I returned home.  I reached the next cross street at the 45 minute mark, allowing for a good turnaround point.

The next mile and a half was just amazing.  It's as if my legs were telling me "we know what to do" and I let myself speed up.  I don't know how fast I was moving, but my pace and stride were more similar to those final stretches where I try to kick things up a notch.  My stride was longer, and smooth, and the trail was just flying by me.  The slight breeze was in my face since the turnaround, and it felt wonderful.  I don't know what pace I logged on that stretch, but I know I finished the return trip five minutes faster than the outgoing trip.

Now, as I approached the final mile, things got tough.  It was uphill, and it brought me back out onto a gravel road in full sun.  I felt myself slow to that familiar slog, and I looked ahead at the three inclines that remained ahead of me.  [I just realized that I made that five minute improvement going uphill on the return when I had been going downhill on the outbound trip.]

Mrs. F caught up to me when we had about three-fourths of a mile left.  She was still going faster than me, and I felt myself slowing, but as she ran alongside she said I was running a 14:30mm pace. How fast was I going just before?

The final quarter of a mile was tough.  Though I intended to do a full 90 minutes, I opted to end at 5.5 miles.  Mrs F told me that the road where I turned around was 2.75 miles from our starting point, so I knew how far I had gone.  I kept moving, and finished in 1:24:37.  I squeezed in that extra half mile in an extra two minutes, so I knew my pace was better: just under 15:23.  On the outbound half, my pace was 16:22mm, though, and only 14:24mm on the return.  And that was an uphill return!

It was a really good run! Now I just need to make sure I'm running three times a week.

My long run

My training plan called for 7 miles today. I set the alarm for 6 am and Mr. f snoozed it at least once. It was tough to drag myself from the vestiges of sleep this morning. I got up slowly, dressed and woke up my daughter who was holding down the fort this morning. My cc runner was going for a short run this morning as well.,

I think Mr. f and I got out this morning just before 7. We started running together, even though we did most of our run time seperate.

I did a .4 mile warm up as well as .4 cool down as well. It seems to make the interior muscles of my legs behave better. If I run later in the day, after Ive been up and down the stairs doing laundry and whatnot, I dont really need it. Though for the runs just out of bed, it seems to be important.

The first 3.5 miles felt great! The last time, it was the first half of my 7 miler that dragged, this time it felt like I could run forever. It did get tougher though for the 2nd half of the run. My plan called for a pace of 12:24 or something like that, so I generally allowed myself to run as fast as I felt like, as long as I stayed close to that 12:30 mark. I did most of the run between 11:30 pace and 12:30 pace. If I noticed my pace hitting 12:45 or higher, I forced myself to speed up. Mostly though,I just simply ran, allowing my body to dictate the pace.

The bugs left me alone for the most part except for the lone bug that decided to lodge himself in my throat. That forced a stop and almost getting sick, but after that was cleared up, I ran on. I took note of mile maker points as I crossed roads on the trail, so I could tell Mr. f later. He was going for 5 or more today, while I was doing 7.

I caught back up with Mr. F at just over 6 miles for me. I ran with him for a bit, as we chatted and then I took off for the last 6/10 of a mile. I really wanted to sprint hard for the last 2/10. I took off too fast though, I was able to keep an 8 minute sprint pace for about a tenth. The last tenth was harder and I was able to only keep about a 9:20 sprint pace. All in all, though I was pleased with the run. I ended up doing 7 miles in 1:23:18, which is 23 seconds faster than my last 7 miler. Seconds count folks! I did an 11:54 pace.

I am far more sore today though. Im not sure if its just the adding up of more miles in a week with the training plan or what. I plan to take it relatively easy today for sure! I have run over 36 miles this month and July isnt over yet!

Keep on running folks
Mrs. F

Friday, July 16, 2010

Weight Check 7/16/10


Last Friday:   274.8 lbs.
Today:         272.0 lbs.
Gain/Loss:      -2.8 lbs.
Goal:          210.0 lbs.
Cumulative:     28.4 lbs.
Pounds to lose: 62.0
Comment: At this point, Ill take anything I can get. I'm now about at the weight I was when Mrs. F and I first met.

Mrs. F

Last Friday:   154.3 lbs.
Today:         152.7 lbs.
Gain/Loss:      -1.6 lbs.
Goal:          150.0 lbs.
Cumulative:     30.1 lbs.
Pounds to lose:  2.7
Comment: I wasnt sure where Id be this week, since I had some water weight and whatnot. Im extremely happy with 1.6 down! I also ate up a lot of my exercise burn in calories, so I wasnt sure how that would impact the bottom line. Wow, it seems really amazing to be only 2.7 from my first goal point. And seeing the culmulative number hit 30 was a really proud moment!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cross Training time

Mr. F took the day off and most of the family went to the childrens museum today with some good friends. Then we enjoyed lunch at a park in our old neighborhood and the kids really enjoyed that.

By the time I got home, I was pretty exhausted. The kids watched some movies, Mr. F napped and I surfed facebook for awhile. Soon enough it was time for supper. We took a variation on our stuffed peppers and chopped them up and rolled them in a tortilla with some mozzerella cheese -- pretty yummy!

After getting some food ... I decided to go for a bike ride. Ive been slowly upping my miles as Im getting back into biking. I set out with the goal of going 10 miles. Generally I just enjoy biking and Im not pressed on trying to beat my previous time or speed. Although my competative nature still rears its head and I keep upping the ante on how far I ride! Thus the 10 miler today.

Since speedwork was yesterday, and I have two rest days before my long run, I decided today was the day. The weather was beautiful, not too hot and a nice breeze. I set off to go around the lake, adding in a half mile jaunt with a long hill for some extra heart rate pumping. After making my way around the lake and down the trail, I headed out of town just a little ways, making my way by our towns festival grounds and airport. I came back in on Cable Ave and made my way thru Grass Lake road. On the edge of town again, I followed grass lake instead and made my way to the other end of town and came back in. I needed to make a 1 block jaunt though to make it to 10 miles even. I think it actualy was something like 10.03 or something like that. I did it in 53:19, a 5:19 pace.

It felt really good to hit that 10 mile mark. Ive done it once before, last summer, when Mr. F and I biked 11 mile to a nearby town, ate lunch and biked 11 back home. That was hard! Im a little more in shape to do a jaunt like that now, I think.

Im not sure on weigh in tommorrow. The numbers have been all over the place this week, and a little water weight to boot. So time shall tell on that front.

Keep on running
Mrs. F

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Speedwork Wednesday

My training plan called for a 1 mile warm up run, then a mile at 10:15 pace, 1/2 mile recovery jog, another mile at 10:15 pace, 1/2 mile recovery jog, then a mile cool down run, totaling 5 miles.

I got up around 6:40, a little later than I hoped to get up, and headed out the door around 7 am. I walked a half mile for warm up and then starting running. As I began just walking, it seemed like everything hurt. My knees were complaining, my ankle hurt, my back even hurt. Thankfully the warm up walk helped get my body into groove. None of those things plagued me throughout the run. It was fairly humid out , so I was very thankful for a strong breeze. I did the warm up mile in 12 even.

Soon enough it was time for the speedwork. I find it hard to keep a steady rhythm but i just concentrated on keeping myself below 10:20 pace. I found myself quite often running in the 9 minute mile range, then the next thing I know im doing 11 again. The first fast mile was tough! I kept concetrating on that if I got to the end of the mile, I had a half mile recovery! I did that mile at 10:13 pace~! I allowed myself to walk up to a tenth of a mile during the recovery jog. I only needed .05 hundredth and then I started jogging again.

My 2nd fast mile came far sooner than I would have liked. It helped knowing though, that once that was over, I just had slow 1.5 miles to run home. I really wanted to do the 2nd mile of speedwork faster. My son was really happy that I was going to have to suffer the pain of repeat miles like he often has to during cross country season. They have to do each subsquent mile faster, so I was really hoping to do that as well. I came in at 10:07 -- woot -- faster than the first! I was extremely pleased with my pace mile times. I hit the mark and then some! Dont get me wrong, it was hard. I was breathing heavy and working really really hard. I was very surprised to find my average heart rate coming in at 154. I know during those speed segments, it was regularly over 160+.

This time, I took my full tenth of a mile walking during my recovery job. I wanted to get my breathing back under control and my heart rate down and I was tired! I found the last cool down mile the most challenging. Im not sure if it was that I was just ready to be done or what but I found it harder. It was a bit of the Dory mantra, just keep running, just keep running. My pace was all over the place but I ended up doing that mile in 12:10.

All in all, the 5 miles averaged out at a 11:31 pace. Ive run 29.1 miles this month so far. If I can keep up with my training plan, Im on pace for a record month of miles! Time will tell on that front!

Keep on running
Mrs. F

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sure it wasn't Monday?

Today was one of those days that just felt like a Monday.  I had a bit of a headache in the morning, and didn't feel well most of the day.  The alarm went off at six o'clock this morning, but I didn't get up to run.  I was up late last night, so I figured I could run in the evening, after work. When I did get home, I got busy around the house, and it was still bright and fairly hot--conditions I don't really like.  Soon, dinner was on the table, and I hate the concept of running on a full tummy. I was ready to give it up for the day, but Mrs. F told me she was going for a bike ride.  I told her I'd go for a run at the same time, if she'd wait a bit while the food settled. We waited around about an hour, and then we headed out.

I took a 2.8 mile route, one to which Mrs. F introduced me a week or so ago, with what she calls "a wicked hill." It wasn't a great run this evening--all effort, all the time.  The air was so thick and humid as I began.  About two blocks in, I noticed a small stone in my shoe.  It wasn't sharp, so I continued on to the top of the first hill where I stopped and took it out.  I continued on, the evening sun beating down on me, and I was simply hot, sore, and uncomfortable.  I was so glad I was wearing my sunglasses.

When I took a turn southward, I caught a face full of wind, and that felt wonderful.  The run, itself, was still tedium, but at least I felt cooler now.  I didn't spend much time looking around today.  I just ran on, keeping my feet in tune to a mental cadence that sounded some form of the Magnum P.I. theme.

Mrs. F soon caught up to me with the bike, while I was going up the steepest incline on the route.  I talked her through adjusting her gears so that she could up-shift as she climbed, and I think I ended up taking the hill too fast.  When I got to the top, I was well-winded and had to walk for a bit.  I soon resumed  and ran past the two mile point while Mrs. F rode on.  Soon she circled around to me and stayed alongside for the balance of the route.  I decided to end the run early, when I came to a specific intersection about a half mile from the house. That kept my run to about 2.3 miles, and I walked the rest of the way home. 

My lower back and outer abs are a bit sore, as are my glutes and my quads at my hips, but other than that, I feel fine. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Mrs. F is slated to run again tomorrow morning.  I'm thinking about going with her, just to get back on the same schedule.  Otherwise, my next one will be Thursday.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday run in review

The alarm went off at 5 AM, but we didn't rise immediately.  We fell subject to the tyranny of the snooze alarm, but we broke free of our shackles before the early morning slipped away.  This was the day of Mrs. F's long run.  Her plan was to cover six miles.  I had missed my other runs this week, so I only had a two-miler under my belt since Monday.  Part of me wanted to throw myself back down into bed with my favorite flannel blanket, but I knew I needed to run.

Mrs. F and I dallied a bit after rising, but we both made it out the door by 6 AM. After all the heat we've had, it was refreshingly cool.  Since I knew I would neither be able to keep up with Mrs. F, nor cover the same distance as she, I opted to take another route.  From the same starting point we went separate ways--Mrs. F off to the Luce Line Trail, and I headed north and uphill, the start of the route that marked my reboot two weeks ago.

With my earbuds in place and one of my favorite artists set to "play all", I made my way.

The first uphill segment caused me no trouble or discomfort.  Rather than trying to keep my pace down, I let my body call the shots, running as fast or as slow as felt comfortable.  Mrs. F was using her Garmin GPS today, so only had a watch to record my time.  Yet, from running this way before, I had an idea of where the one-mile mark was located.  When I hit it, I was just over 13 minutes.

The turn came that marked the route I took two weeks ago, but I set my eyes further east.  Since I now knew I could run five miles, and the route around the lake nearly matched that distance, I decided to give it a go.

When our eldest son first started cross country, I thought he was crazy for running three miles at a time.  Runners always seemed crazy to .  Why, after all, would anyone want to punish their bodies in such a fashion? When he started running around the lake for his own enjoyment, which driving showed to be about five miles, I thought he was nuts, and that he must have gotten most of his genes from my wife's side of the family. Still, there I was, opting to make the same run.

The run out of town seemed mostly uphill, though a modest grade.  Mentally, I had braced for a long jog out to the road that would take me south, yet it came into view far earlier than I expected. [It turns out that it was only 1.5 miles from my starting point, but in my mind's eye I thought it was more than two miles away.]  About that time I also realized that the first mile of my run was in no way unpleasant--a marked difference from most of my running experiences--so now I was excited about the rest of the run.

I crossed and turned south onto the road that would take me along the western shore. [I always run facing traffic--a habit I picked up when learning rules for safe hikes with the Boy Scouts.]  I never thought I'd tolerate running on pavement, but it's not been as bad as I imagined.  Soon, however, I reached the end of the paved stretch, and I welcomed the scrunching sound of my feet on gravel.  I ran past my dentist's house, and it was clear that he had been up already.  The gravel along his property line was wet where he had sprayed it down not long before, to keep clouds of dust from rising when the cars whizzed by.

Soon after passing his house, there was a straight flat segment perhaps two-tenths of a mile in length.  On the right, grasses, brush, and trees decorated the hillside that descended toward the lake.  On the left, a large, open wetland field filled numerous acres.  Hundreds, if not thousands of birds darted to and from across my path and around me. The electric line on my left that paralleled the road was wing to wing birds for much of the span, and the trees on my rights seemed alive from the throng of birds.  The scene reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", but my avian companions seemed to have no interest in pecking at my eyes.

Soon after passing the field, the road began its gradual descent, and curved to follow the contour of the shoreline.  Fewer homes lined the road here, each on larger lots with many mature trees.  Again, I was surprised when I approached a recognizable way point sooner than expected.  The point where the Luce Line Trail crosses the road, the place where Mrs. F and I began our Couch-to-5k training program, was just ahead of me.

I made the turn onto the trail.  I knew this segment well, but had not run on it since late last fall.  My stride was still steady and I felt no fatigue, so it was a different experience on the tail this time.  I quickly had run past the point where we would end our warm-up walks, and was surprised by how quickly the trail seemed to pass.  There was the large curve where I'd often lose sight of Mrs. F, especially when coming from the other direction.  Then there was the bench that marked the spot where I once gave up due to discomfort in my left knee and hip, before getting up and starting again.  Many memories came to me that highlighted how far I had come.

Now, on the long, gradual climb the trail presented, my body started to feel the distance. Yet I kept moving on, striding past spots on the trail where I once agonized to finish.  I rehearsed in my mind the fact that I soon would come to the end of the trail, but that it would not mark the end of my run the way it once had.  Soon even that point was behind me as I turned briefly north before turning westward again.  Now I knew the distance was short (given the length of my run).  A small cough began to bother me from time to time, so I paid close attention to my breathing.  I tried a bit of water, but it didn't help.  Eventually, I took a deep breath and let myself cough hard before spitting away whatever it was that had been bothering me.  Things were again better after that.

Reaching Second Street, I opted to turn north to take advantage of the shade cast by the trees along the road, something that would not have been available to me had I stayed to my original route.  Since the roads were parallel, I knew my distance would be the same, so I had no worries of cutting myself short.  As I drew closer to home, fatigue began to set in.  It would have been so easy to stop and walk the rest of way, especially on familiar streets near home, but I resisted.

I turned west again, heading past some if the downtown stores and then past the grocery. At the main road that led home, there was no traffic, so I crossed and continued my run.  Now, with home in view, my mind joined my body in wanting to be done.  It's not that I physically needed to stop, but that my body wanted to stop.  I did not feel that I could manage a sprint, but I pushed up my pace. Then I pushed up my pace again.  Knowing that Mrs. F was running a longer distance and that she is also faster than me, I expected to see her returning as I approached home.  I wondered if she was there already.  I crossed my starting point at 1:13:17,  covering a distance of 4.9 miles, giving me a pace just under a 15mm.  Certainly not a fantastic pace, but a good improvement over my last long run.

Mrs. F didn't return until after I showered, while I was dressing so I could ride out looking for her.  She ran six miles, and had added a half-mile walk both before and after.

The rest of the day was spent with family in Avery, Wisconsin, which made the 2.5 hour drive time (each way) bearable.  My food consumption for the day was on target for a 1.9 lb./week loss, even before logging my run, so it was a good day indeed.

On a related note, my blood sugar levels are much better again, and my medicines are even causing me to get too low from time to time.  I may yet be rid of them.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Weight Check 7/9/10


Last Friday: 277.2 lbs.

Today: 274.8 lbs.

Gain/Loss: -2.4 lbs.

Goal: 210.0 lbs.

Cumulative: 25.6 lbs.

Pounds to lose: 64.8

Comment: I'll take 2.4 lbs! I still need to run yet today.

Mrs. F

Last Friday: 155.0 lbs.

Today: 154.3 lbs.

Gain/Loss: - .7 lbs.

Goal: 150.0 lbs.

Cumulative: 28.5 lbs.

Pounds to lose: 4.3

Comment: I expected to be up this week, I didnt overeat but I did eat up all my calories and some of my run burn. So Im extremely pleased with a 7/10 lb loss! The even better part was I looked at my bmi and I am officially, albeit barely, in the normal range with this latest loss!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to biking

Well, I got back to biking to work this week.  Mrs. F borrowed my bike to take a ride (hers was stolen a few weeks ago), and since she topped off the tires I no longer had an excuse.  So, that gives me four quick half-mile sprints a day, except on days like today when I needed to run back and forth one extra time to fix a faucet.  It feels good to be back in the saddle again.

Aside from July 4, calorie counts have been good over the past two weeks. We've had more fresh fruit and veggies around, so that has made a big difference. I'm due to run again today, but didn't feel like going out at five-thirty this morning.  I should run this evening, but might postpone until tomorrow morning so as to be back on the same running schedule as Mrs. F.  I'm due to run a longer one this week, and I'm not sure if that will be tomorrow, or on Saturday.

I've been thinking about doing a short (one mile) run on my off days, just for the calorie burn, but am wondering if that's a good idea. I'd still reserve one day as a complete day of rest, meaning I'd run my three primary runs and those three one-milers each week, leaving me one day for relaxation and recovery.

Temps have cooled off a bit here in the past few days, so the runs shouldn't feel like bathing in a roaster oven any longer.  I'm looking forward to the approach of fall, when the days will be cool even when the runs make me hot.

Well, I must go for now (break's over).

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Todays run 7/7/10

Currently Im working on a 5 week training plan to helps with improving your time for a 5k. So todays workout was a 5 mile run - 1 mile warm up jog, 3 miles @ 10:52 pace and 1 mile cool down jog.

I thought, hmm I normally run around 11mm mile pace, this will be pretty easy. Um yeah ... It wasnt. It didnt help that I forget my mp3 player, so 5 miles felt really really long!

I took 8/10 of a mile warm up walk as well. I wanted to see if it made a difference to my inside leg muscles. It seemed to help some, the jury is still out on that one.It was bright and sunny as I didnt get out til after 7 am. I did the first mile at about 11:58 pace, nice and steady. Then came the fun part. I discovered that I really dont run at a very steady pace at all. One minute, id be pacing at 10:01 and the next 11:20. I focused on keeping my pace sub 11, that was a little easier than focusing on the precise second.

I did 3 miles (using the lap feature on my garmin) in 32:55, which comes out to a 10:59 pace. Thats pretty close to where I wanted it to be. I did walk a tenth of a mile after the 3 miles, I was beat! Then I took up running again. I ended at 5.0 miles even and walked the last couple of blocks home.

I did 5 miles in 57:20, which comes out to an 11:28 pace. Not bad at all for 5 miles!! and I beat my previous 5 mile time of 57:51!!! Even 31 seconds counts. My heartrate stayed pretty well within range, at least averaged out to 153. i think during the faster portion it was closer to 160's.

My legs are definitely feeling the workout today and Im glad to know there is a 2 day break after this! I have another 6 mile run slated for Saturday. I might shorten it depending on how my legs feel.

Keep on running
Mrs. F

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cross training

I borrowed Mr. F's bike(mine still hasnt been recovered) and went on a bike ride tonight. I really had forgotten how much I really do enjoy biking. It was really nice to get out by myself and just ride. I didnt even take my mp3 player.

I started by riding around the lake, which from my house, is about 5 miles. After coming back into town, I was feeling really good so I decided to press on. I added in another running route that I somtimes use.

I thought pretty seriously bout taking a 10 mile bike ride tonite but then I remembered my slated run for tommorrow is a 5 miler. Yeah probably best to take it easy! I was going to add in another run route which would have brought the total to 10.

I also thought bout walking the dog tonight as well. Is walking considered cross training or is it too similar to running? I do enjoy swimming but it would take a 10 minute drive to a lake that I could swim in. So its just not as convienent.

Mrs. F

Two miles

I had the pleasure of running with son #4 tonight.  He's been practicing for a run during the city festival in August, but he's never run two miles before.  We had a good run.  He was running through the mile-and-a-half point, and then walked a fast walk while I ran on.  As he felt able, he ran a bit more, then walked again. When we hit two miles, I was slightly better than 15mm (14:50), and we walked the last block or two home.  It was a nice run.

Long weekend in review...

I didn't post anything over the weekend, so here's the quick summary: one short run, too much food on the 4th, but otherwise a nice weekend.

We had a medical emergency Friday night (a daughter with significant burns from a bowl of soup), so I didn't get out running.  [She's okay now--our quick reactions and plenty of cold water limited the blistering burns to a narrow band on her abdomen.]  On Saturday, since I already had 12 miles in over the preceding seven days, I decided to run one mile as fast as I could.  I did a mile in 12:28.  I have no complaints. 

I never imagined myself running 12 miles, ever--whether over the course of a week or even over 100 days!

With a good week behind me, I decided to take a couple of days off before running again.

Independence Day brought too much food for me--too many bratwurst and too much cake--but that just means I'll need to work harder this week.  I planned to run this morning, but woke up with a headache, so I lingered longer in bed and will try for a run this evening.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Madness

I did not want to run today -- I just wasnt in the mood at all. I had Mr. F snooze the alarm several times before I finally got up just after 7 am. I couldnt find my workout clothes and I seriously thought of not going at all.

I looked around and found the various workout clothes in 3 different spots. Still wasnt really keen on going. Mr F. was still sleeping as this is his off day.

Im looking at a new training plan that a friend created for me off Runners World website. So today was supposed to be 2 miles at a 12:30 pace. So i figured I could take it slow and easy.

I set out to do my 2.8 mile route( I never did follow directions well lol) and kept my pace slow. I sped up at various points but today waS just hard. I fully realize that my mental game just wasnt there today. I had some emotional stress this weekend and a lot of that is still lingering. It didnt help that I discovered my mp3 player wasnt charged when I went to use it. So I had more time to think bout how much I really didnt want to run.

I even allowed myself to walk up a hill in the middle -- I hardly ever do that. I finished stronger than I started though and that felt good. I did 2.8 miles at a 12:01 pace. Not too shabby for a slow run!

I had a little muscle soreness on the inside of my legs again today. Someone mentioned needing to warm up or that happens. So Im going to try doing a half mile or mile walk first and see if that helps.

Keep on running
Mrs. F

Sunday, July 4, 2010

How fast can you go?

Today was slated to be a rest day for me. The weather dawned nice and warm and by 10 am, it was already 81 degrees. I thought -- you know Im kinda glad to not be running today.

Mr. F had gone out earlier in the morning, Ill let him chime in on his run later. Suffice to say though -- he did fabulous!

While chatting online with a friend -- a fellow runner-- she challenged me to run a mile as fast as i could. She guessed that Id do an 8:48. If you havent figured out by now, Im a bit competetive. I took that challenge and ran with it. I suited up in a tank top and shorts, strapped on my garmin and ran.

The first two tenths I was able to run between the pace of 6-8 minutes per mile. That quickly led to some serious huffing and puffing. I ended up doing the middle part of the run around 9-9:20 pace. At various points I was able to speed up a bit but not like the beginning. It was hot!

I ran a mile in 8:41, beating my friends guess by 7 whole seconds! Way to go me! :)
I seriously felt like I might just collapse right there in my driveway though. I was breathing really really hard. Ive wanted to run a mile as fast as I could go for awhile. I havent though wanted to give up a larger calorie burn to do that single mile run. So it worked out well that I snuck it in on a rest day. I wasnt feeling too sore from my 7 mile run yesterday and felt overall good.

As I sit typing tonight -- I feel great -- muscle wise at least.

On another note, eating today wasnt so well. I just felt hungry most of the day and kept eating and eating and eating. I think I ended the night 200 calories over and that already included 120 calorie burn for the run! Oh well ... tommorrow is a new day and its good to remember that. Part of me wonders though, if it could have been from undereating the day before. I ended up eating 1850 for the day, burned 823 on my long run, so only netting just over 1000 for the day. Hmmm ....

Switching back to a more fun topic -- I got a new dress today. Its really exciting to buy a dress in a much smaller size than I was 10 months ago! Im feeling really good about myself and Im really enjoying that. I even bought some toenail polish to go with my new sandals and dress.

I find myself talking bout couch to 5k everywhere. I mentioned to the fitting room clerk that I have lost almost 28 lbs. And she asked how I did it. It was exciting to talk about couch to 5k. The even more cool part was when she was skeptical about being able to do it herself. Thats when Mr. F chimed in and told her that he was over 300 lbs when he started and did this! I dont know if she will look it up or start it or anything but it was good to share a bit of our success.

I really should get to bed. For some reason, I stayed up late tonight. Usually its the opposite -- Mr. F is the night owl and IM usually the first asleep.

Keep on running,
Mrs. F

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thwarted twice over

I got up early to run this morning, but when I realized that the garden didn't get watered last night, I ended up taking care of that.  More than an hour later, my running time was gone and I found myself rushing to get to work by 8 AM.

This afternoon, things were going pretty well. We were allowed to leave a little early today, and when I got home, I found myself adjusting to the fact that I don't have any homework to do.  I had started soup when I was home over lunch, so I decided to make some bread. Of course, in our house, making bread is more than baking a loaf.  When all was done, we had three large whole wheat sandwich loaves, a wheat batard, and four French baguettes.  In addition, I reserved half a batch of wheat dough to retard in the refrigerator, and used the other to grill up some flat bread to eat with the soup.  My formulation came out far better than I expected--the flat bread puffed perfectly, making them wonderful, homemade pocket-style pita bread.  All seemed wonderful, and all was wonderful.

Then, it happened.  As we sat down for dinner and Mrs. F served bowls of extremely hot Cajun-seasoned soup, our four year old daughter tipped her bowl out onto her belly.  Her wail made it clear it was no push from a brother or a minor injury.  We rushed her into the bathroom, and I had her lay down in the bathtub.  We got her shirt off, and immediately started applying cold water.  Given the location, the upper part of her abdomen, it would have been tough to immerse the burned area.  We took a wet rag, laid it across the burn (about 2" by 8"), and kept pouring cold water on the rag.  Her screaming and wailing was... She was inconsolable.  In time, she said her fingers hurt, too, so we soaked them in a cup.  We let the tub fill part way with cold water, and kept her in as long as she could stand it.  Then, getting her out of the tub, I loosely wrapped a cold, wet triangular bandage around her trunk. [Thanks, Mrs. F--They were a great birthday gift, and they've proven useful, too.]  It was clear that some blisters were developing, so we headed in to the emergency room.

To make a long story short, our daughter is okay and I didn't get my run.  Because we cooled the wound so quickly (and for so long), by the time the ER doctor took a look, she was left with a line of relatively mild second degree burns.  The rest of the 2"x8" area looked like normal skin again.  Had we not cooled her so soon and so long, she likely would have blistered over a larger area.

She's in bed now, with a bit of medicated ointment and a fresh bandage on.  I'm trying to wind down, and wondering how cool it will be in the morning.  My plans to run today were thwarted twice, but tomorrow dawns a new day.

Weight check 7/2/10


Last Friday:    280.2 lbs.

Today:          277.2 lbs.

Gain/Loss:       -3.0 lbs.

Goal:           210.0 lbs.

Cumulative:      23.2 lbs.
[I readjusted this cumulative total after going to back to realize Mr. F's starting weight was actually 300.4]

Pounds to lose:  67.2

Comment:  I don't feel too bad considering I've run 12 miles this week. I still need to run tonight.

Mrs. F

Last Friday:   155.4 lbs.

Today:         155.0 lbs.

Gain/Loss:      - .4 lbs.

Goal:          150.0 lbs.

Cumulative:     27.8 lbs.

Pounds to lose:  5.0

Comment:  I expected to have a small loss this week since last weeks was so large. So Im pleased with nearly a half pound loss. I really hit running hard this week, in the last 7 days, Ive run over 18 miles!