Here's the skinny: I've been near 300 lbs. for years and need to lose weight. I'm married to a wonderful lady, and we have a family. One of our boys often asks if I'll run with him. I've always had to tell him, "No." In August of '09, my wife learned about a couch-to-5k running program, and I agreed to try it with her. This blog chronicles our progress on that training program. I hope I'll soon be able to surprise my son by telling him, "Yes, I'll go running with you!"

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 41 (week 6) - Chain of events.

I'm glad today is a resting day. My legs don't feel too bad, even my troublesome left knee. I have a bit of muscle ache in the biceps behind my legs (biceps femorus if my memory of anatomical terms is correct), but that's just a good ache from using those muscles yesterday.

Mrs. F ran into someone we know from the pharmacy today while out picking up a few grocer items. She asked about our progress, and then told us that the pharacist started the Couch to 5k program this week. Others there were considering it, too. One of Mrs. F's hometown friends started after learning about our secret plan, and some of her other online friends are considering it, too. I have people at the office who have expressed an interest, because they can see the positive impact it has had on me. All of this because we started the program and told others about it, and we only started it because one of our friends in town had started it. As it turns out, her husband didn't start the program with her. He only started after he heard about our progress, and figured that if we can do it, then he can do it, too. I yet have a long way to go toward being fit and healthy, but it is just amazing to realize that our actions--our slow, struggling attempts to do this, have encouraged others to give it a try, too. Our efforts to be better stewards of our bodies and health have moved others to take action, too! That is a powerful lesson.

So, we're not alone in this by any means. Not only have we found a supporting community online, both here and at, but we've started to realize that we are now just links in a chain that is linking many lives together, a chain that represents a journey toward healthier living.

That, my friends, is a humbling thought.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 40 (week 6) - Two-thirds through!

Today was the final workout day of Week 6. I have mixed feelings about having postponed our run. I certainly did not want to do it this morning, but realized that I like the relative solitude of running the trail in the early morning hours. Also, I think that coming off a night's rest seems to leave me more prepared than trying to run after a full day at work, like I did today. That said, it was nice, however, that my muscles were already a bit more limber and warmed up from being active during the day. I guess there are benefits and drawbacks to running at any time of the day.

For today, at least, it was really nice to be running during the warmest part of the day. Forty-nine degrees may not seem warm to you, but it sure beat 25°F this morning. Since most of our trail lies on an east-west trail, I swapped my fleece had for a ball cap and grabbed my sunglasses. I figured it would be bright, with the sun low in the southwestern sky.

After noting how miserable my first set was on Wednesday, another runner told me that the first 10 or so minutes of any run may feel like that. Armed with that knowledge, I set out to begin today's run.

The pain in my knee had decreased to a dull ache, but I decided to wrap it anyway. I wraped it and pulled the brace on, just as I did on Wednesday. I did not stretch as much today, in part because I had already been up and was active, but also because I knew a friend was coming in from out of town and I felt hurried to get this workout done. The walk was okay. As we had driven over, I had noticed numerous people using the trail. I just hoped that none of our kids' classmates (or their parents) would see us and potentially expose our secret plan. The podcast announced the run--the only run of this day--and we began. We were to run for 25 minutes. I know we did 20 last Friday, but 25 just seemed like such a long time. From the onset, it was pretty clear to me that I would be running the full length of our segment of trail, from the point where we started walking, to the end at the park in town, and then back to where the car was parked--all without stopping or walking. That would be a big change. I've grown used to spots along the trail where we had transitioned during our intervals. Today, however, there would be no stopping.

That's not to say there would be no change of pace. I started out strong, but was sure to hold back a bit, so I would have energy to get me through to the end. Mrs. F began to pull ahead after the first minute or so, and she kept that lead the entire time, even circling back a couple of times to run along and past me again before moving on ahead again. That was fine. She had to run this at her pace, and I needed to run it at mine. Earlier, I felt a little discouraged by the thought--it even crossed my mind this evening--but I reminded myself that Marie is running 110 lbs lighter than am I, and that likely accounts for our difference in pacing.

The first portion was really tough. The same nagging self-doubts came to mind, and I found myself wanting to quit. "No one would blame you," the tried to tell me, "they'll know that you tried!" I really had to fight so as not to give in today. On the way out, we came up behind two walkers. I found myself wanting to slow to a walk, so as not to pass them. I'm not sure if it was embrassment about myself--someone of my size daring to run--or if it was that I did not want to embarass them by passing them. Mrs. F was ahead and went around with a smile and a wave. The walkers waved back. I, too, went around. Was it really possible that I was actually running fast enough that I had to pass someone? I guess so.

Before we got to the 10 minute mark, we had reached the end of the trail and we turned around. Mrs. F had already reached the end and had turned toward me, so when she got to where I was, she turned again and finished that segment with me before we both turned and she was off again. Confusing? Perhaps for the reader. For me, it was nice--a reminder that, though we could not run at the same speed, she was in this with me. In the first few moments of the return run, we passed by the walkers again, this time coming at them head-on. I can't be sure if it was a trick of my eyes, but it seemed as if the one lady smiled as we passed--almost as if she was glad to see us out there and working at it.

Mrs. F pulled further ahead on this stretch. By the time the half-way point was announced, she was well ahead. Soon, she was so far ahead that I could not see her, and it stayed that way until about five minutes from the end of the run. My pace had become dreadfully slow at some points. I almost slowed to walking, too, but kept pushing on. I swung my arms more deliberately and tried to pick up my feet more with each step. Suddenly, I might get 20m of a good boost, only to slow back down again. Another announcement told me that we had only about six minutes left. I wondered if Mrs. F had made it to the road and whether or not she crossed it.

Five minutes: now my body was ready to stop completely. I had to force myself just to continue slogging on. I was past the point where we started running now, so I knew the end of the trail was coming soon.

Approximately four minutes: I was relieved to see Mrs. F running towards me. She seemed to be moving at the same pace at which she started, and that seemed amazing to me. Knowing I would run to the end of the trail if I kept on ahead, I turned and ran back the other way as she caught up to me. Soon she was ahead again, but this time she pulled ahead much faster. When she reached the point whereabout we started our run originally, I called for her to turn again, and she reversed and headed toward me. As she neared, I turned as well.

A few more paces down the trail, and the final minute was announced. I pushed as hard as I could, but she still gained on me and overcame me. I grunted aloud as I strained to finish that final minute strong. I pushed. My body protested. I pushed some more. Finally, I heard the words I so wanted to hear, announcing that the run was over. I cried out, "Yes!" as I ran further on with my arms in the air. I allowed myslef to slow to a walk and I staggered from side to side. I took some deep breaths and slowed some more. I had done it--we had done it. We completed 25 minutes of running!

Including our warm-up walk, I covered about two miles during the 30 minute session. Mrs. F, who doubled back a few times, likely completed two and a half miles. While nowhere near stellar performances, they were stellar to us, and we both were pleased with the outcome. The main point is that we ran for 25 minutes without stopping or walking. I guess that's a really good thing, too, since that's what's on the schedule for all of next week!

Today's session also marks our completion of two-thirds of the Couch to 5k program. I could not have imagined that I would ever make it this far. This has been an amazing journey. Thanks for taking it with me!

Listening to the podcast announcement for the other days' runs, I noticed I was feeling a bit better at the 10 minute mark. It's not that I was any less tired--in fact, my legs were already feeling somewhat fatigued--but I did not have the despairing desire to quit that beset me at the onset. There was something about this that felt good--getting past the first ten minutes, and having that bit of confidence well up that said, "I can finish this." It seemed to be the same good feeling I had experienced on other days, but it was not as strong today.

As we reached the half-way point, I was even more tired, and I had to concentrate a bit more on my breathing. My pace slowed greatly.

Day 40 (Week 6, Day 5) - Mrs. F

As this morning rolled around, and I had about 4 hrs of sleep when the alarm went off, we made the executive decision to postpone the run til the afternoon. I was a bit nervous that with company coming and things to do, we would put it off and not run. But we did it!!

It certainely was different running in the afternoon in full sunlight versus the early morning darkness. The nice part about going at this time was the temp was fabulous! It was in the low 50s and great running weather. I found myself more self conscious than I am in the dark morning light. Everyone was polite and said good day or hi, so it was mostly just me. It just was different. I think I like the dark lol!

I was very unsure how this run would come out. I was coming off too little sleep, and a busy busy day cleaning the house for company. So my muscles were already warmed up but I worried that I would be sore as I did lots of scrubbing and mopping and washing windows. That didnt seem to be a problem. Although keeping my mental battle in the positive realm was harder. I was tired, the sun was bright and my body wanted to just give up at times.

The first 5-7 minutes was tough, finding the rhythm and getting going. The middle part of the run was fabulous -- I found my stride and I was going! I reached the end of our trail segment, turned around and ran back until I ran into Mr. F again. At that point, I turned around again and was running with Mr. F to the end of the trail again. Since I run faster than he does right now, this is one of the ways we can stick closer together.\

The last part of the run was hard! Really really hard! I found myself slowing down and just wanting to give up. I really had to give myself some good pep talks to keep going. I had no watch, so I had no real way to gage how much of the run I had left. I got to the beginning point of our trail and turned around again to run back to MR. F. That was a bit discouraging. Usually at that point, I am ready to walk to the car. So I really had to encourage myself to not give up yet, it wasnt time! I;m pretty sure I ran 2 full miles in the 25 minutes today!

So I continued on the trail, until I encountered Mr. F and then began running his direction once again. I believe at this point, we had 3 and a half minutes left. I made it almost back to the point, that my orginal 5 minute warm up walk took me.

Making more strides in the distance today felt really good but the run itself was far more challenging than I was prepared for. My legs and muscles are sore but nothing really to write about. And it was a good way to work off some of the stress I was feeling earlier today. It really helped improve my mood!

It was cold yesterday for my sons cc match. So he didnt beat his time but came in with a very respectable 19:02. So I changed my challenge to him, that if he beats his personal best (18:55), I will run two minutes with him. If he breaks 18:30, Ill run five. He really thinks I cant even do one. It amuses me greatly to know that not only can I do one but I can run 25 minute straight!

Keep on running
Mrs. F

Friday weight check (week 6)

Last Friday: 288.5

Today: 286.5

Gain/Loss: -2.0

Goal: 210.0 lbs.

Cumulative loss: 13.9 lbs.

Pounds to lose: 76.5

Comment: I'm relieved to see a loss. It wasn't my best week. The cool thing is that we haven't run yet today. I wonder if that would shed another half pound or so...

Mrs. F
Last Friday: 177.9

Today: 176.3

Gain/Loss: -1.6

Goal: 150.00

Cumulative loss: 6.5 lbs.

Pounds to lose: 26.3

Comment: [no comment]

Day 40 (week 6) - Workout delayed to later today

Going to bed last night, it was official: we were going to see our first hard frost. That meant I was running outside after 9 PM to collect the last of the vegetables that were supposed to have been harvested by our eldest daughter. I came in with about 25 lbs. of tomatoes, mostly green, some green peppers, jalepenos, and three small honeydew melons. As such, and because Mrs. F and I ended the day in a bit of a row and I know that she was up three hours longer than was I, we decided to postpone this morning's workout until this afternoon. Hopefuly, we'll get to run at about 4 PM, when the projected high is 49ºF, and that provides some time for us to sort things out a bit, too.

Oh, well! Life happens. I'm not looking forward to my weigh-in today, as I don't believe I've been very dilligent this week on watching my portions and extra intake. My knee is a little sore today, but it is not giving me trouble while walking. I'll still wrap it, but I hope the worst of it is behind me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 39 (week 6)

Well, Mrs. F and I didn't see that movie on Tuesday night because we had to be up early to run. So we decided to go out last night. It was a nice evening. It did keep us up a little later than our regular bed time, but that's not what kept me from getting rest. There were problems at the office again. Someone did something that took the computer network down, and I found myself going in to work after coming home from the movie--sometime after 11 PM--to take care of the problem. I was at the office until 1 AM, went home, and then was fighting the alarm clock at 6 AM. No wonder why I'm tired today.

The good news is that my left knee feels quite a bit better, but it is still a bit wonky. I plan to wrap and brace it again tomorrow morning. I can't say I'm looking forward to the run, but I'm not petrified of it, either.

The only potential hitch in our plan for the morning is that I need to go back into work again tonight after 7 PM, to make sure that the circuit with some overhead lighting that will be replaced is not one that will affect our computer systems. The breaker boxes were labeled years ago when the computer area of the building served another purpose, and the company never put forward the funds to properly wire the computer room to be on a set of isolated circuits. I'm hoping I'll only need to be in for about 30 minutes, but things don't always go as planned.

Anyway, we're off to watch our eldest boy run cross country again today. Our other runner is down with a fever, mild cough, and other potential flu-like symptoms, so we've quarantined him to his room and moved his other brothers elsewhere in the house. Hopefully, we can minimize the number of kids that get sick. Otherwise, we'll just end up prolonging the misery.

Day 39 - Mrs. F

Thankfully, no injuries to report! I'm looking forward to meeting the challenge of 25 minutes tommorrow. I have no doubt, it will be hard and very much a mental battle. I believe the weather is not slated to be favorable -- cold again -- but thus is life.

I challenged my cross country runner last evening. I told him that if he broke 18:10 so he ran faster than that time, I'd run 2 minutes with him. I made it a significant goal off of his fastest time of 18:55. 45 seconds is a lot in cross country races! His dad did this earlier in the season and made good on his promise. My son knows that I detest running and has no clue that not only can I run 2 minutes, but 20!

It shall be fun to surprise him!

Keep on running,
Mrs. F

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 38 (Week 6, Day 3) - Mrs. F

Monday was hard, today was much better~! It was still challenging, dont get me wrong but much better run than Mondays torture. I made a conscious effort to wage a mental battle. I told myself yesterday and last night that it was going to be a good run. That and getting some decent sleep really made a difference I believe.

Although I briefly hoped this morning, Mr. F would agree to postponing our run til tonight,I found myself a bit excited to run today again. 5 am comes too early even if I get to bed at a decent hour!

The first set went well, the 5 minute mark came before I thought it would. The 2nd half of that first set -- I found my stride. I got to the end of the trail and turned around running back to meet Mr. F. It just felt good today. The 2nd 10 minute set was a bit harder to find that stride. I found that I was repeating "I can do this" a bit. It just seemed longer. And at the end, I wasnt sure if Mr. F called out the last minute warning or if he had called time. So I ended up stopping, trying to call out to him and then running back toward him. It did turn out to be time lol.

It supposedly was the same temp (40 degrees) as Monday but it didnt feel as cold. I added an extra layer by wearing a light windbreaker. That could have made the difference. Its a bit big on me, so I found it sliding up around my neck more than I liked but I made it work. Overall I was warm enough. I ended up taking off my cotton jersy gloves about halfway through again. I find I need them in the beginning but my hands quickly get too warm.

After Mondays workout, I was fearing Fridays 25 minute run again. Todays workout reinforced the fact I can do this. It wont be easy but its not quite as scary as I thought it might be!

Muscles are feeling worked but not bad! No real pain to report --woohoo!

Keep on running,
Mrs. F

Day 38 (week 6)

Well, I made it through today's workout--two 10-minute runs separated by a 3-minute walk.

Today was a bit of a roller coaster. It began as I expected (self-fulfilling prophecy?)--I did not want to get up. I did not want to run. It's finally been cold enough that Mrs. F pulled the down comforter out of storage yesterday, and I was enjoying the additional warmth and the additional weight. Oh, how I love a heavy stack of blankets (when it's cold enough to warrant them)!

I did not want to get dressed, but I did. I stepped outside, and the force of the cold air hit me square in the chest. I pivoted on my heels and went back inside, nearly knocking down Mrs. F, who simply went past me and out the door to the car she had started earlier. I wanted to run--to the bedroom--but, instead, I grabbed my fleece vest and headed out to the car.

I did not want to run. My knee felt surprisingly good when I woke, perhaps due to the extra warmth provided by our extra layer of covers, but I knew it would bother me soon after placing weight on it. I decided to double my efforts to wrap the knee. I began with a 3" elastic wrap, and then I pulled the brace over the top. It felt more snug, but it did not immediately collapse behind my knee as the brace alone had done on Monday. We arrived near the lake, but I did not want to get out of the car.

I was greeted by a sound we had not hear during our first five weeks--water rushing over the little dam where we park. We had heard it on Monday, but I was too miserable to mention it after that day's workout. It was a loud rush, and a welcome sound. I've always loved the sound of rushing water. It reminds me of all of the time I've spent in a canoe, but that's another story.

I did not even want to walk the warm-up walk. As we began, I stated aloud that I did not want to be there. I was tired and uncomfortable, and I knew the run would be miserable. Mrs. F replied with some kind words, but I didn't hear them clearly. All I could hear was the podcast, and I just wanted the voice to shut up and the music to fade. The wrap/brace combination seemed to be working. It had not yet slid down, and my walk was fairly comfortable.

I began the run. Immediately it was clear that my pace was slow. Mrs. F began to pull ahead fairly early. My legs were sore, and my hands and the back of my neck were cold. It was 40°F this morning, but there was no rain, and the stars were clear in the sky. We were running with Orion once again. I just wanted to collapse on the trail. I exclaimed, "I'm a fat man, and I've been a fat man most of my life." Something stopped me from continuing with my thought, "and I'm going to be a fat man until the day I die." I pushed on.

The 10 minute run seemed near an eternity. We started the run about the same place we've began for weeks, a five-minute walk down the trail, but the run today--even at my slowed pace--took me to the end of the trail where we would normally turn around. Mrs. F had already reached the end, turned aound, and run back to me, so we were again running together. As we turned to take a little loop through a part at that end of the trail, the end of the first run was announced.

As has been true on other days, my breathing was fine. It was the rest of my body that was simply spent. I announced that I could not take it any more. "It's just so hard," I cried. Then I literally cried. "It's just so hard."

I could not imagine going on. Had we been on the track we used on Friday, I might have gone down the stairs and left the building at that point. Here, outside in the brisk morning air, I knew I was still about a mile from our car. I had to walk in either case, so I walked. I had a few creaks in my left knee, and the wrap had clearly moved down some, but it seemed to be holding out better than I had expected.

That emotional outburst helped. I don't understand why, but I felt better for having said what I said, and having cried as I did, even though I was still walking.

When the next run began, I obliged and picked up the pace. That's when I got this morning's surprise. As my feet struck, one after another, and my arms swung, I suddenly realized that I felt pretty good. I was still sore and a little stiff, but I no longer felt so dead tired. In fact, I found myself feeling pretty good. Instead of letting Mrs. F pull ahead, I found myself keeping up with her, just a few steps behind. The run felt good until about the half-way point. That's when the sense of physical fatigue hit me again, I began to slow down, and I let Mrs. F pull ahead.

Those final five minutes were difficult, though not in the same way as it had been at the start of today's session. Now it was true fatigue in my legs. In addition, my wrap had slumped even more, and now I was feeling more discomfort in that left knee. I sped up...and slowed down...and sped up...and slowed down. It did nothing to help my legs, but it did give me something to occupy my mind. When we got into the final few minutes, I did my best to speed up. At one point I thought I was catching up to Mrs. F, but then she was beyond my line of sight in a slight curve. When the run ended, I called out loudly, since I knew she was again far ahead of me. She heard me, but wasn't sure if I had sounded the end, so she was still running when she came into view as she ran back toward me. Together, we walked out our cool-down, and then we drove home.

I don't know how things will go Friday, but they went better today than I had feared. I can't say that I'm looking forward to Friday, but I'm committed to making it happen.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 37 (week 6, day 2) - a down day

I don't know if it's the gloomy weather (it's been rainy and cloudly most of the time since last week), shorter days, family stresses, or the fact that my left leg still doesn't feel right, but it is just a down day for me. I have little energy, and tremendous cravings for junk food (I'd trade almost anything for a plate of brownies right now). Why is it that junk food cravings are so much stronger when you are having a down day? I know that the food can make me feel good for a while, but I'm going to try to avoid that path this evening.

Even though I can already tell that my body won't want to run tomorrow, I'll be going out anyway. I'm not giving myself a choice. Oh, but I still want something sweet to nash on...

Ugh! I hate feeling like this. I can't fall back into old habits now, or it's all over for me.

I really want some peace and quiet, but with a house full of kids at home, I know that's not a realistic expectation. My wife and I had talked about sneaking out for a bargain movie one night this week. Perhaps tonight is the night. If we do go, I promise to be good at the snack counter.

Day 37- Mrs. F

I got a good amount of sleep last night, so Im hoping for a repeat tonite! Overall feeling okay. My left leg calf, from behind the knee, down into the leg is tight and a bit sore. Im not sure if thats strain or just the muscle working itself out.

I am going to try to do more stretching tonight.

Its raining again today and cold. It makes me really glad to not be running this morning. The cold is a challenge onto itself without adding rain to the mix!

Keep on running,
Mrs. F

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 36 (week 6, day 1) - Mrs. F

I thought today would be easy after managing the 20 minute run. Boy was I wrong! Today was absolutely miserable. I only managed to keep going out of sheer determination. It was cold (40 degrees) and I just couldnt find my stride. It wasnt until the 3rd set that I found a minute of my stride and then it went back to the slow pitiful run I did today.

I remember waking up this morning and thinking bout pushing todays workout off til Tuesday. It was the thought of having to run on Saturday morning that got me out of bed! I much prefer the MWF option.

I hope that my body learns to adjust to running in the cold. I dont have a lot of other feasible options rather than running with the weather. My chest hurt again today, although not as burning as the first few weeks. My muscles were sore this morning after the workout. I almost felt like I was back at week 3 again!! It certainely wasnt the high I felt after Friday's workout.

My body acted like it just wanted to stop and walk. It was hard!! I wonder about Wednesday, whether the longer 10 minutes stretch will help keep us moving better. And I'm once again frightened of the 25 minute Friday run. Good thing Im very stubborn!

keep on running,
Mrs. F

Day 36 (week 6, day 1)

After making it through Friday, I thought this morning would be fairly easy (aside from knee pain, which is an issue unto itself). I was wrong. I don't know if it was yesterday's family turmoil, getting to bed late, or the 40°F reading that made it so hard this morning. In reality, it was likely a combination of the three.

My knee brace did not work out as well as I had hoped. It kept working down from the top and bunching up at the knee. It might have provided some support, but definately not that for which I was hoping. In reality, the knee only bothered me during the walking segments, but once it was agitated, it affected my run. I really need to figure out what's going on with it.

Between my legs feeling fatigued, almost from the start of the session, and the pain in my knee, it was a miserable workout this morning. I got through it, but I wanted to quit on more than one occasion. In fact, that was probably my prevalent train of thought, "I just want to give up."

Thankfully, I made it through, though it was really tough today. It wasn't my breathing. It was just my legs and feeling fatigued.

While out picking up that knee brace yesterday, we ran into some friends. I'm amazed by how you can know someone for a while and still learn more things about them. As it turns out, he's a veteran of four marathons. He was excited to learn about our secret plan. We talked a bit about how hard it was for us during the first few weeks, and how there are still some days where we feel like quitting. He mentioned that, should we ever feel fatigued, we should just consider stopping and trying again later in the day or later in the week. While I appreciated what he was trying to convey, I let him know that doing that was not an option for me because, once I stop doing something, I find it very hard to ever start doing it again. For me, missing one day would jeopardize ending the whole effort.

Yet today I seriously considered it. During the warm-up walk and the first run, I was so uncomfortable that I wondered about trying it again later in the day, when it would be warmer, and brighter, and when I would be more ready. I know myself, however, so I know that "later today" would become "tomorrow," and that "tomorrow" would become "we'll try again next week." At that point, "next week" might as well be "next year."

It's on days like today I just wish I could wake up thin, or at least with a 50lb. head start on my weight loss. I've always been big, and I've most always hated it. So many people assume that people are fat because they are lazy. When I reached my peak, I tried exercising to lose weight, but at that time even walking was painful for more than short distances. Everyone says "exercise," but that's hard to do when you have no energy and no endurance. This Couch to 5k program has been great in that is has allowed me a way to step into things, but given as had as it was during the first week, I'm pretty sure there are many out there who would have trouble completing Week 1. I'm not going to fault them, or point fingers at them. I've been there.

I'm hoping my knee settles down. I can't imagine continuing on it during the rest of the week if it continues to feel the way it does now. Yet I know I need to continue--I cannot give up. Giving up would negate everything I've gained (and lost!) thus far. I don't want to go back to being that way. I want to keep moving forward. Why must it all be so hard?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 35

I'm getting this post out late. It was a long day. Mrs. F and I ran into a larger town today to find a knee support I could wear. I've had it on throughout the evening, and it seems to help some. We had a minor family crisis tonight with our teens that simply drained us physically and emotionally. I'm not sure I'm ready for the morning, since my knee is still somewhat sore, even with the brace.

Here's the plan for the week:


Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:

  • Jog 5 minutes
  • Walk 3 minutes
  • Jog 8 minutes
  • Walk 3 minutes
  • Jog 5 minutes

Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:
  • Jog 10 minutes
  • Walk 3 minutes
  • Jog 10 minutes

Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 25 minutes with no walking