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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekend recap

We left early early friday morning to visit family for the weekend. I knew from the beginning, trying to eat well would be challenging while on vacation so to speak. I didnt quite grasp how hard though.

I was away from the internet, so I didnt have access to my daily plate and my tracking plan. In the future, I think Im going to try and make a list of commmon foods I eat when away and take a checklist with me. I know enough portion control, that I could make some good choices but I felt lost without my calorie numbers. Friday was overall okay. Breakfast was big ... those breakfast sandwiches at fast food places are high in calories! But the rest of the day was pretty good, I ate one hot dog at lunch, and one italian beef sandwich. I did claim one victory that night, when everyone else warmed up leftovers at 9 pm and had more sandwiches ... I declined. Oh did I want that sandwich though!

It didnt help that my bil and sil kept saying eat more, you are on vacation. Or you worry too much bout calories or if you go away hungery its your fault. It wasnt a very helpful enviroment to watch my portion control in. Im still figuring out how to be away from home and my supports here and still eat well. Its also hard not to talk constantly in the framework of calorie counting and running and exercise. All of my good friends, it seems, including my husband are all trying to lose weight. Its a great support when IM home but when Im away from those people, not so helpful.

I got up at 6 am on Saturday to run. Mr. F was off to pick up our son at camp and I suited up and went for a run. I left my headphones in the cabin, we were sleeping in,so that distracted me enough, that I forgot bug spray. Oh did I regret that! It wasnt mosquitos, I only had one bite from that. It was the dreaded deer flies, there were so many -- I thought I might just get carried away. So the run wasnt enjoyable in that aspect, I was uncomforatable with all the deer flies. I was constantly picking flies out of my hair, brushing off my arms and legs cause they were biting me. At one point, one bit me on my behind and i went to brush it off, only to discover like 12 stuck to my shorts. EWWWW!

On a different note, since I was so distracted with the deer flies that I did not pay as much attention to my pace. I ran on a gravel road in the middle of the forest -- it was beautiful. One deer ran across the path in front of me. I neglected to notice the downhill slope on the way out so I was very surprised at the 1.5 miles of uphill coming back. I did an out and back route -- run 4 miles out and then 4 miles back. It felt long. At about mile two or three, I found somewhat of a stride and just ran. It wasnt easy by any means though but I did it. I ran 8 miles in 1 hr and 32 minutes!!!!!! I did it with an 11:31 pace and 152 average heartrate. I was very pleased with that. The 992 calorie burn didnt hurt either! Thats my longest run distance to date.

Saturday was a little harder on the eating front. Meals were at odd hours and I knew i had a huge calorie burn but no real way to track exactly where I was. I ended up eating two suppers ... not particularly helpful. Im thankful to have had the run burn that day though.

I did okay on Sunday til the drive home and then it was snack city and pizza for supper. We came home sunday night but Mr. F had monday off as well, so we did some fishing at a local park. I didnt end up doing my normal monday run. I was sore still from saturday and more importantly, I was exhausted. So I decided Im going to stick with the original running schedule and run again wednesday. It was only slated to be 2 miles on monday, so I think I will be okay. Our race is this Saturday.

Oh well ... today is a new day :) So back on track, I have my supports back and while i may not lose this week, Im sure gonna try.

Keep on running folks,
Mrs. F

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