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Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Madness

I did not want to run today -- I just wasnt in the mood at all. I had Mr. F snooze the alarm several times before I finally got up just after 7 am. I couldnt find my workout clothes and I seriously thought of not going at all.

I looked around and found the various workout clothes in 3 different spots. Still wasnt really keen on going. Mr F. was still sleeping as this is his off day.

Im looking at a new training plan that a friend created for me off Runners World website. So today was supposed to be 2 miles at a 12:30 pace. So i figured I could take it slow and easy.

I set out to do my 2.8 mile route( I never did follow directions well lol) and kept my pace slow. I sped up at various points but today waS just hard. I fully realize that my mental game just wasnt there today. I had some emotional stress this weekend and a lot of that is still lingering. It didnt help that I discovered my mp3 player wasnt charged when I went to use it. So I had more time to think bout how much I really didnt want to run.

I even allowed myself to walk up a hill in the middle -- I hardly ever do that. I finished stronger than I started though and that felt good. I did 2.8 miles at a 12:01 pace. Not too shabby for a slow run!

I had a little muscle soreness on the inside of my legs again today. Someone mentioned needing to warm up or that happens. So Im going to try doing a half mile or mile walk first and see if that helps.

Keep on running
Mrs. F

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  1. Sorry you weren't feeling like running today. I'm glad you did it anyway though. Maybe you could find some stretches and strengthening exercises you can do on your off days to help protect those sore muscles. I'd hate to see your training derailed :-(


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