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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finally, a relatively quiet and non-busy weekend

Well, neither Mrs. F nor I made a post yesterday.  I think that's a first since we started.  Usually, at least one of us manages to get one out here.

That's okay, though.  Thankfully, our absence wasn't due to swine flu, an emergency room trip, or long hours at the office.  I got my schoolwork for the week, including all of the reading, done by midday yesterday.  I got to watch a movie at home with the family, and episode of one of my favorite shows, and got to vegitate a bit by playing the original SimCity (we found a CD for it at a rummage sale over the summer).  Today, other than fighting with one of our boys over getting his chores done properly, it has been relatively quiet.  Mrs. F led most of the crew to a park after lunch, so I got a little quiet time to start this week's reading, and I got to catch up on my online Scrabble games.  Overall, it has been a nice weekend.

My left knee still hints at a bit of strain, but my right shin is doing fine.  It was tender on Friday and into Saturday, but has felt fine today.  In fact, I just ran my fingers down my shin as I wrote that last line, just to make sure.  Mrs. F and I will be out for a run again tomorrow, but I'm not sure if we will do morning or evening.  Since our runs are longer now, it's harder to fit them in during the morning without getting out even earlier.  When we started, we were only gone for about 35 minutes.  Lately, we've been gone 50 minutes (our short drive, our run, and our warm-up and cool-down walks).  In fact, running after work on Friday seems to have become the norm for us now.  I certainly don't mind that it is a bit warmer at that time of the day.

I'm going to end for now.  We're still more than an hour from dinner, and then we have some family time planned for the evening (our Sunday evening ritual). The older kids are either outside or out of site (other than one who is grounded), so only the two youngest ones are nearby at the moment.  For some reason, the noise they make is much easier on the ears than the sounds of older children bickering about anything.

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  1. Mr. F,
    I've found these very interesting tips to treat shin splints:

    At the end of the page, there are good stretching techniques.

    Tomorrow I start the workout 1 of the nineth week.

    Best wishes for you both, Ana


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