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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pondering the weather

We had a chance of rain today for the first time in a while. Our home area has seen draught conditions most of this year, so our running efforts so far have been dry. I'm wondering what we should do if it does rain (or snow!) on one of our running mornings. Do we just run in rain gear? Do we just run in regular clothes and allow ourselves to get wet? Going to a gym isn't an option for us right now, and we don't have a treadmill at home.

Does anyone run in the rain? If you have experience running in the rain, any tips you can provide will be much appreciated.


  1. Ya know, I had the same question. We have been in a drought all summer so rain was not an issue. But about a month ago, it started to rain here and there. I probably wouldn't run in cotton since it soaks up water, it will weigh you down. Don't wear any of your electronics if they are not waterproof. OH if you have a mosquito problem, after it rains, wear repellant. The mosquitos killed me the first run after a rain.
    If you are running with your romantic, in the rain.

    Fluffy in Seabrook

  2. Hey, there's a post I just seen on about this.... a few different replies... anything moisture wicking, no cotton as it gets very heavy, BodyGlide, some get blisters from very wet sneakers, ....Most enjoy running in the rain... We did W1D3 in a light rain. i enjoyed it, because it wasn't too hot out. I'd try it, and see how you like it. I know for me, if i don't go on a scheduled day, it's that much harder for me to squeeze it it. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the feedback. We do know to avoid cotton, and will try to make sure we have some wicking clothing.

    Most rain gear doesn't breathe very well (unless you want to spend more than you would on a good pair of running shoes to get one of those high-tech paper-fiber suits that some outdoors enthusiasts like), so I guess that's a primary reason just to accept the rain. I'm sure that it's nice to run in the rain in warm weather, but we'll be a bit cautious as we are in one of the northern Midwest states.


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