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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 24 (week 4, day 3) - (Not) The Half-way Point

Well, it wasn't the half-way point for my weight loss, but it was the half-way point for our couch to 5k running program today. Today was the second workout for Week 4. [The half-way point is actually next week on Wednesday. So much for clear-thinking after a run.]

I psyched myself up for it to be hard today, and it was, but mostly toward the end. The warm-up walk felt fine. I had to stop at one point to get something out of my shoe. It was one of those sharp, annoying little things that seemed to move around and poke me only every few footfalls, but I definitely did not want something like that under foot during the running segments. We paused about 30 seconds for me to rectify the situation (I had Mrs. F help keep me stable so I would not set my foot down onto the trail) and then we were off again. My knee was still a bit sore this morning when I go up, and I could feel an occasional twinge of pain while I walked. I figured I'd find out pretty quick whether it would inhibit my run.

The first run felt fine. I didn't push too hard, and I noticed the everything felt about right. I concentrated on my breathing. It was cooler again this morning, around 50° F--definitely not the coldest we've had so far, but noticeable, especially with the damp air (current humidity in town as I write this is 91%). I wore my light fleece gloves this morning, and started out with a light fleece hat. Three minutes was no problem today. I can almost say it ended a bit too soon.

The recovery period was short (90 seconds) but just fine overall. I was thinking about my knee and the rest of my legs. Though it was bothering me a bit when I got up, and I noticed it during the warm-up walk, it wasn't bothering me during the run.

The first five minute walking segment just seemed long. I wasn't pushing too hard, but I wasn't letting myself drag. It seemed we went further during our first two runs, as there was little trail left before our turnaround point. It was hard, but good.

We slowed for out next walking segment, went a little way, and turned around. I was glad to be walking, and the two-and-a-half minutes was short, but welcome. My body felt fine during the run, but became hot as soon as we slowed to a walk. I took off my hat and stuffed it into my shorts pocket.

The next run was suprisingly good. The first minute or so didn't feel quite right, but then it all seemed to come together. Each footfall felt right. I didn't think of my arms or my legs. My eyes were fixed ahead of me on the trail, and I just began to think "I could keep going" when the voice told me to walk.

That all changed when I slowed. Everything ached, and I needed more breath. I was simply tired, and I wondered anew why I as bothering with something so crazy as a running program. This 90 second rest was way too short for me.

As the final run was announced, there was a mix of hope and dread. After all, it was the final run of the day, but then again, it was another run. The voice said to push it, especially in the last minute. Well, I was pushing it, but I'm not sure anyone would have noticed. It was definately the toughest of the day, mentally and physically. I wanted to quit, and said as much aloud, but Mrs. F was there to tell me to keep going. The lower part of each calf was sore, and that extended into the upper calf on my right leg. On my left, I could clearly feel each impact in my left knee and in my left hip socket--not to the point of pain, but enough to make me think about my nearly 300 lb. frame crashing down on my feet with each footfall. Had the last mibute announcement not come when it did, I might have pulled off my headphones and started walking anyway.

With that announcement, I pushed even more. To take my mind off my strain, I tried to count my steps, but found that my counting was not keeping in pace with my footfalls. [I don't like the final bit of music on the podcast for that running segment, so that probably does not help. I wondered if he programed it that way to sound like an audible walll--something to be overcome--but I know some really enjoy that style.] Thankfully, the end found us before we met the Reaper, and it came quicker than we expected. Mrs. F noted that, while we seemed to be a bit further on our way out, we ended our run at about the same place today.

That left only the cooldown walk. Am I the only one who, at this stage in the program, thinks it would be more accurately describes as "a cooldown stagger"? Those first few steps after slowing were misery. My knees felt like they wanted to lock up when I straightened them with each step, until I allowed my feet to angle out slightly. Yet despite it feeling horrible, we got back to the car precisely at the end of the podcast, so that meant we shaved a couple of minutes off our cooldown walk (it ended a minute or two before we got to the car on Monday if my memory serves me correctly).

I need to end this abruptly as I am already going to be late for work. One of the kids needed some final homework help this morning, and so my designated blogging time went away. I'm wondering how things will be on Friday and if my weight will have changed. I'm also starting to get apprehensive about next week, because I have a camping trip scheduled for the weekend that will include a lot of walking. Tomorrow will have trouble enough of its own, so I'll try to put it out of mind for now.

We're half-way through our nine week program. We're almost half-way through our nine week program. I could not have imagined making it this far.

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  1. Awesome job guys! Glad you pushed to get through it. All I think about while I am runiing is how much I hate it, and will never finish. When I'm in the car, I feel so good about doing it. SOOOOO scared for Week 4!!!!



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