Here's the skinny: I've been near 300 lbs. for years and need to lose weight. I'm married to a wonderful lady, and we have a family. One of our boys often asks if I'll run with him. I've always had to tell him, "No." In August of '09, my wife learned about a couch-to-5k running program, and I agreed to try it with her. This blog chronicles our progress on that training program. I hope I'll soon be able to surprise my son by telling him, "Yes, I'll go running with you!"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 28 (back from the campout)

Well, we got back into town just before noon today. I'm not quite sure how ready I will be for tomorrow. We hiked about four miles, plus incidental walking and plenty of standing. My leg was still giving me trouble at the end of the day on Friday. I was limping enough during the evening that some of the other volunteers noticed it. I got a night of rest, but it was still a bit sore in the morning.

If anything, the walking might have helped. My legs don't feel too bad today, but I am tired.

I ate well and light over the weekend, snacking on nuts throughout the day when hungry (beyond our planned meals). The second night was not as restful. It was colder, and my gear just wasn't well suited for it being that cool. I had a very interrupted sleep, and developed a migraine headache at about 5 AM. Since we were not far from town, I got dressed and drove in to pick up some Excedrin Migraine. It made for a rough morning, but I got to it before it got too bad.

I can still tell that my left leg feels a bit off, but it's not bad. I guess I will just need to be careful in the morning. I hope to get to bed early this evening, both to catch up on sleep and to rest my legs. I want to see if I'm up to the challenge in the morning.

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