Here's the skinny: I've been near 300 lbs. for years and need to lose weight. I'm married to a wonderful lady, and we have a family. One of our boys often asks if I'll run with him. I've always had to tell him, "No." In August of '09, my wife learned about a couch-to-5k running program, and I agreed to try it with her. This blog chronicles our progress on that training program. I hope I'll soon be able to surprise my son by telling him, "Yes, I'll go running with you!"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 34 - injury update

When I saw the doctor last evening, we discussed my progress so far, and had a look at my left knee. My doctor was very excited to see the level of weight loss I experienced this past month, and was also pleased with my blood sugar levels. In fact, she reduced the dosage of one of the medications to reduce the risk of my getting hypoglycemic. That's fantastic news.

As to the knee, I described what I was feeling and pointed out the painful location. It turns out that my self-assessment of the cause was right on: it has to do with my leg trying to rotate out as I run. She prescribed an elastic bandage (or a pull-on brace) for used during my runs. I'm also to rest it and ice it this weekend. It should clear up as my leg muscles strengthen. It definately became much more sore--even painful--later in the day.

I'm still riding fairly high from having completed the third workout of Week 5. I surprised myself.

We have no specific plans for this weekend, though I likely need to take some of the boys out for some door-to-door fundraising (I'll stay in the car). We got all of our shopping done earlier in the week, so that eliminated one major chore to which we usually attend on the weekend.

Somehow I beat most of the kids up this morning, so I'm going to enjoy the quiet.

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