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Monday, March 5, 2012

Almost another bad weekend (almost!)

We had another one of those weekends.  We had an event to attend on Sunday, so we ended up taking the kids to an area favorite, Pizza Ranch.  My original plan was salad bar only, but their salad bar was pathetic (sorry, Pizza Ranch).  No green peppers, no onions, and no vinaigrette.  I opted for the regular buffet, which included the almost-a-salad bar, and had good intentions.

Epic fail!

During that meal, I consumed 1,600 calories--more than my daily goal of 1,592.

It was very good, and I did stop myself from having more, so I'll take the small victory.

After the meal, we went on to our activity, which was at the Waterpark of America.  I got in a lot of walking, and quite a few sets of stairs.  Nowhere near enough to counter my lunch calories, but I was glad to be moving.

Well, this morning, I decided to check the scale to see how bad things were looking. I'm down 1.6 lbs. for the week, with my official weigh in tomorrow morning. I won't need to starve myself today just to show a loss, and that's a good thing (on more than one level).

In other news, I got to the end of last week without working on 100 pushups, so I got my week two day one and two workouts in on Friday and Satruday.  I definitely felt it during that Saturday workout.  Tonight I'll finish up day three of week two, and then will start week three on Wednesday.

I have yet to restart Couch to 5k, but I'm getting closer to being ready to do so.  Being on my feet all day (except last week--I was in a class) has really helped my mood and leaves me feeling better overall.  I'm hoping that, between my standing and my hall-stairs laps, I'll be up to the challenge again.

I've not lost a lot of size, but things are fitting better and, overall, pulling in.  The sides of my belly have really receded. I'm wearing suspenders today with pants I normally could wear without.  Fat along the sides of my chest and under my arms is loosening.  It looks worse than before, but that's because the muscle is changing and accentuating the difference between the two.  I wonder how long before those two areas start to shrink noticeably.

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with the official weigh-in results.  For now, I have an appointment with a yogurt container.

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