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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The run in the snow

There is a wicked winter storm heading our way. It did start this afternoon and should give us 6 inches or so, when its all done. So although, technically I should be running tommorrow - I elected to get out today before it got too deep to run.

We still havent gotten a treadmill yet, so options are limited. My friend, Amy, did let me know that I can come over and use hers though.

It was around 16 degrees and blowing snow. The winds were about 12 miles an hour. Given the weather conditions, I decided that I was just going to run 2 miles.

I grabbed my fleece scsrf for todays run. That helped tremendously!!! It kept my face much warmer and kept the pelting snow off my face. Overall, the run was great. The last 3 runs have been tough for me, so it was really nice to have a good one.

The only time it was particulary cold is where the trail is more open to the lake. At those points, the wind blowing off the lake made the snow hit me like ice pellets. I tried to turn a bit to prevent it from hitting me as directly.

Since my mp3 was almost dead and it was snowing(I didnt want it getting wet), I elected to leave it home. Im kinda glad I did, it gave me some good thinking time. I found my groove and I just ran. Its been several runs since Ive had that good of a groove. I had a good pace and I kept it throughout until the last half mile. Then I slowed a bit. I was feeling good, so I ended up going 3 miles today.

I thought for sure the snow would have made a tougher run. Apparently not!

Ive been doing a better job tracking calories this week, so im looking forward to seeing the scale on friday.

Keep on running
Mrs. F


  1. That is awesome! I'm getting ready to go for my first snowy run here in upstate NY, and I was considering wimping I can't because we don't have nearly what you have in temps and snow!

  2. Great job on getting out that! That is awesome!


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