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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New personal distance record, scary breathing problem

[5.0 miles in 82 minutes]

I missed going out with Mrs. F this morning, because I was up until 3AM getting my paper done.  Rather than letting it slide for the day, I decided to go out for a run this evening. I decided to push myself a bit, and ended up running five miles!  I currently feel like warmed-over death, but that's much better than shortly after my run ended.  Let me explain...

After the end of the run, I came in and planned to take a shower.  As I entered the bathroom, I noticed an odd smell in the air.  Mrs. F told me that one of our daughters had, without permission of course, sprayed a bunch of Febreeze air spray in the bathroom.  I've always disliked strong smells (some will give me headaches), but as I prepared to shower, I found myself gasping for breath.  I literally felt my lungs tighten up, and I couldn't get a good breath without making a horrible, wheezing gasps.  We had an inhaler around, so I took two hits, and I stayed in our bedroom under the ceiling fan until my breathing was better.

Let me just say this: it scared the crap out of me.  For a minute, I thought there was a chance I might die.

I've never been diagnosed with asthma, and this is the first time this ever happened.  I'll mention it to the doctor.  I think the thickness of that scent in the air, on top of my lungs being fatigued from the run, was the source of the trouble, but it still scared the snot out of me.  I'm still coughing every few minutes, even thought I got home 90 minutes ago. Mrs. F is throwing the bottle away, and I plan on writing the manufacturer (at a minimum, they need to know what happened).

That was scary.  It sort of took the enjoyment out of my accomplishment--five miles is my longest run ever, and it brings my total for the past five days to 12 miles.


  1. SO SORRY to hear about this! But I am glad you are okay and will live. My advice? Definitely contact the company and playfully tell your daughter she is grounded!

    Again, rest easy tonight and you can definitely celebrate the awesome run and feel good about it.

  2. What a milestone - I remember the first time I went 5 miles after finishing C25K--I'll never forget it. Congrats!

    Sorry to hear about the breathing problem. I wonder if you have a touch of exercise-induced asthma and the scent just triggered it? Glad to hear you are recovering though.


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